Artwalk Ventura!

We had a blast last weekend at Artwalk Ventura @ Stoneworks Studio!

On Saturday, I drove up to the ventura to the Stoneworks Studio. Again the freshly cleaned up green garden was waiting for all the vendors. Somehow I was early to finish the set up, so I had some time to shoot some photos before it got busier.

vendors @ artwalk ventura

vendors @ artwalk ventura

We had a lot of visitors. An unexpected rain was a bummer for a short time in the afternoon, but the weather lit up pretty quickly, and everyone appreciated rain for the dry land.

Vendors and Visitors all had lots of fun with live music and enjoyed watermelon, salad, fudge, brownies, chips and salsa along with iced tea, water, and awesome coffee provided by Michele and Guy from Stoneworks Studio.

It was supposed to last til 9pm on saturday, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough light set up, so I had to start closing around 7:30pm. Note to myself, “bring lights next time!”

The second day was the warmest day I ever experienced for the Ventura show in the last several years. It was sunny and everyone was cheerful for the occasion.

Our booth!

Our booth!

artwalk ventura @stoneworks studio

artwalk ventura @stoneworks studio

It was a short day for the show, and everyone seemed to be hesitant to leave the garden, so it went a little longer. Again the delicious treats including the cheese cake with strawberry and blueberry jam were served til the end of the show.

I displayed old and new items along with the current ones. It seemed to be a good balance this year, and I was glad to see the newest items that were just finished last week had a good response from buyers.

It was tough and hard to do the craft show as always, but it was so much worth it to meet customers in person and hear their opinions and see how they enjoy and love our PinKixx Jewelry. Thank you all who showed up and supported the local arts and crafts! Can’t wait to see you all there again next year!



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