Happy Friday with Happy PinKixxes!

We usually do not post our blog on Friday, but we wanted this to go out on a happy Friday, so we waited! Here goes, on this happy TGIF, PinKixx is sharing our proud PinKixxes photos!

happy pinkixxes

happy PinKixxes!

Elie from Los Angeles is wearing our Gold Teardrop Earrings (1st pic). She became our customer last year and has been our friend since.

C from Ventura got her 3 Shades of Grey Ring Earrings, aka Ombre Earrings, at our Artwalk Ventura show (2nd pic). She considered our 2 Shades of Grey Ring Earrings, but her bright summer-y outfit was perfect with the 3 Shades. She loved the earrings so much, she left our booth with them on.

Cici purchased her Sterling Silver Swallow Necklace all the way from China (3rd pic). She got several items together from our Etsy Nature Collection shop and was happy to send us her photo.

Don’t they look beautiful and happy? We thanked them with a free gift or an exclusive discount on their purchases for the photo they sent us. You can send us your photo wearing our PinKixx pieces on the beautiful you and get a special offer too.

We’ll share more and more fan photos from now on. Which is your best pic out of three? Please tell us in the comment section.

Have a great happy TGIF!





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