How To Choose Your Summer Jewelry

Getting used to Summer yet? It’s hot, and August is the hottest month for summer. While we’re enjoying the sun in short or light outfits, let’s try something different and set our mood fresh and daring.

1. Go Brighter

On the day you decide on light colors for your outfit, find something colorful for your accessory. Colorful accessory might be scary to put on for a lot of PinKixxes, but without going overwhelmingly overboard, try just one of two bright eccentric colors to accent your style. If you’re not used to colorful accessories much, make sure to find simple designed ones, rather than bulky or complicated ones.

2. Go Lighter

For summer jewelry, try fabric. Try leather. Try wood. Rather than metal (silver, gold, etc.) accessories PinKixxes wear so often, let’s try some different textures for the hot weather. Our Cube Necklaces have been great attraction at any show we’ve been to. Colorful, Light, Stylish, and Eye-catching design are the conversation opener for anyone, not to mention it’s super easy to coordinate the colors with your outfit.

Colorful Cube Necklaces

PinKixx’s Colorful Cube Necklaces

3. Go Bold

For size, try to find something bigger than you usually wear. Bigger hoops, bigger pendent, bigger studs, or thicker cuffs. That doesn’t mean loud or bulky, and certainly not heavy. You don’t want to be blah in your summer jewelry for sure. I mean big. ‘Big’ still has to be sleek and stylish without being too much. That’s one of the reasons why Simplicity runs in every piece PinKixx carries.

For shape, try geometric. It is so much fun to try accessories with unique shapes. Geometric shapes are also fun when it repeats and links. As you all know, PinKixx has lots of bubbles in our designs. Triangles, Squares, Cubes, Diamonds…all unique and fun designs to try.



4. Go Long

Look for longer earrings or necklaces. Necklaces that come down to between your chest and your navel are the comfortable length, (called Opera or Rope, around 30-36″ depending on the pendant size) to wear with almost any outfit you choose in any season. Beach themed (shell, glass, pebble, sea animal, etc) design or material is fun to go with for summer. If you’re not used to wear long earrings or necklaces, try pastel colored ones which work really well with popular neon colored outfits too.



So, got some new ideas? Try your new style before this summer is over and have some fun. Please tell us what your style tips are for your summer in the comment. 🙂



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