Unbalance Fashion Rules!

If you’ve been paying attention, you already know “Unbalanced Mismatch” fashion is popular and everywhere. It’s not something we can see only at some fashion runways anymore. Mismatching what you wear is actually a lot of fun and is a great way to express “YOU’ and only you, which is what PinKixx is going for.

1. Weddings

It’s common to see mismatching bridesmaids dresses and accessories at weddings these days. It can show the seasonal colors or the bride’s creative sides to show herself. Mix-and-match the dress colors, types of bouquets or decorative flowers, shoe pallets, or hair styles. The wedding can be a lot of fun to mismatch to show the uniqueness of the particular wedding. You can be creative as much as you like for your day!


mismatch-bridesmaids-dresses from pinterest.com

2. Jewelry

Jewelry is not an exception to Mismatch trend. Earrings are the most common and easy to mismatch to show the different you.


mismatch-jewelry from pinterest.com

3. Clothes

Imagine, the infinite possibilities of mismatch in clothing! Autumn is right at the door. Look through your closet and see what you can mix-and-match. The scarf or skirt you purchased years ago that didn’t seem to go with much of what you had might be the number one fashion item you’d wear everyday this fall!

mismatch outfit

mismatch outfit from pinterest.com

4. Shoes

Mismatch shoes are the fun one and really cool to pull if you do it right. Try modern. Think of colors and designs that you can customize. Try attachable accessories. You’ll be the coolest lady in your block!


mismatch-shoes from pinterest.com

Try mismatch in your fashion this fall. The possibilities are endless with mismatches!

What is your favorite mismatching unbalanced fashion you try? Please share with PinKixx!



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