2014 Fall Jewelry Trends for Petite Women!

With the temperature over 90 in Los Angeles, it doesn’t really feel like Autumn yet, but surely the hot summer is rolling out, and the fall is moving in.

Once again, Jewelry Trend for this fall / winter goes for Eye-catching and Bold Statement pieces. Multi-Finger Rings, Long Chandelier Earrings, Multi-Layered Bracelets, Collar Necklaces, Thick Cuffs, Hand Bracelets, Big Gold Dangling Earrings, Big Hoop Earrings, Fringed Necklace and Bracelets, Statement Single Earrings, Long Pendant Necklaces… Tons of Metals or Leathers as jewelry material have been seen at fashion brand name shows, and also, lots of Gold/Brass or Darker colored Vintage looking or Geometric pieces will be easily found this fall.

Fall Jewelry Trend Earrings

Fall Jewelry 2014: pics from Vogue.com

Fall Jewelry Trend

2014 Fall Jewelry Trend: pics from Vogue.com

Although these bold statement jewelries are great fun to wear, for petite women, it could be a disadvantage to have them on because these might emphasize your short and petite stature. That’s right. That means, the awesome looking necklace a super model wore on TV or your BFF is donning may not look good on you.  That does not mean petite women can’t wear bold statement pieces of course, but it is important to find the right sized jewelry according to your heights and sizes.

Having scaling them down a bit (from what you see on super models) in mind, try Long Fringed Earrings to add a nice vertical touch. Long Necklaces that fall above the waistline or Bold Chokers that are made with high-shine metal would be also great compliments to show off for petite women this fall.

Fall Jewelry Trend 2014

Fall Jewelry Trends from PinKixx.com

Also, just like the actress Kerry Washington from TV show “Scandal’ suggests – ‘having a tailor is a must’ – for all women for their perfect fashion style, try to find jewelry that is customizable for your pleasure. No matter what value of the jewelry you purchase,  that bold statement jewelry you wear should not be too big, too long, or too heavy on you. Remember, it has to flatter you, not overpower you.

What is your bold statement jewelry you will be wearing this fall? Please share your picture with us on Instagram with a tag “#pinkixxjewelry” You’ll be automatically entered to our surprise giveaway!



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