Calling for All Coffee Lovers in LA

I found an amazing list of coffee shops in Los Angeles a few days ago. I was glad to see a lot of names I recognized, but it didn’t list some of my favorite shops I go to, so I wanted to introduce them here.

If you ever watched K-dramas before, you should’ve noticed that there are an unbelievable number of unique coffee shops in Korea. Korea town in LA is not strange to the exact culture. Individual and unique small coffee shops seem to be in almost every block and every shopping malls in K town.One problem I have with them would be the expensive price for drinks.

My Favorite Coffee Shop

my favorite coffee shop – caffe bene

I pick these two places often because when I go, I usually stay there for hours working on my plans and writings. I need wi-fi, a big enough table, good coffee or drink (or snacks), and most importantly spacious room to breath and possibly good lighting.

Caffe Bene in korea town offers great selections of coffee and tea. Their amazing waffles and huge Bing-Soo series (shredded ice with so many stuff I can’t even count) are always popular and great to try. Their interior is very modern with bare cement wall and high ceiling. The music is a little too loud for my taste, but pretty interesting along with their music videos projected on a wall. The second floor in Wilshire branch is a definitely quieter setting and great for people who come to study. Great meeting place for groups too. Open til midnight everyday.

tom n toms coffee

tom n toms coffee

Tom n Toms Coffee is a Korean version of  Starbucks or Coffee Bean. The place is hip and casual and also has unique varieties of snacks and drinks. They do have a lot of branches throughout LA, but I like the one in little tokyo for the spacious room.

Which is your favorite coffee shop in LA? Please share with us, so we can check it out too!

***please check out this LA Coffee Guide curated by Judith Jones:


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