10 Ways to Use Vaseline for Your Beauty

I’ve been hearing about unusual ways to use Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) for so many things. I regularly use it as skin softener or moisturizer, but other than that, apparently I’ve been missing out a lot! Here are some tips to use Vaseline for your beauty:

FACIAL MOISTURIZER: This is probably the most common way a lot of women know and use for their beauty. Because it’s non-comedogenic, petroleum jelly is perfect for locking in moisture without risking breakouts.

EYEBROW TAMER: Control errant hairs and shape brows by brushing on a tiny dab of petroleum jelly using a toothbrush.

LIP BALM: Use it on your lips for  moisturized lips. Also, during winter apply it on your lips before going to bed to wake up to soft, smooth lips.

EYE MAKEUP REMOVER: Just a dab instantly breaks up the toughest mascaras and waterproof liners, while leaving skin around the eyes moisturized.

NATURAL EYE LASHES LENGTHENER: Petroleum Jelly applied to lashes with a clean lash comb or mascara wand will help moisturize your lashes and help them to appear thicker and healthier. The increased moisture may help stimulate the follicles and help those lashes grow. Not to mention, you can use it instead of mascara for more natural look of longer and thicker lashes.

LUMINIZER: Petroleum jelly can be used on its own as makeup to add a little shine to eyelids cheekbones or lips, creating a surprisingly luxe looking sheen for such an affordable formula.



OVERNIGHT HAND & FOOT SOFTENER: Avoid having to constantly reapply hand lotion throughout the day by slathering your hands and feet in petroleum jelly and wearing socks and gloves to bed. By morning, they’ll be soft and smooth—and will stay that way.

NAIL POLISH HELPER: Before applying polish, trace petroleum jelly over cuticles and the skin around your nails using an eyeliner brush or pointed cotton swab. If you then accidentally paint a little outside the lines you can just wipe off the mistakes after lacquer dries.

PERFUME PROLONGER: Smooth a bit of petroleum jelly on your skin wherever you’re going to apply perfume, and spray as usual. It will help the scent to stick.

BODY SCRUB: Make your own at-home exfoliator by mixing Vaseline with Epsom salt or brown sugar.

For more ways to use Vaseline, please check out these links:


What’s the favorite thing you use Vaseline for? Is there any other way you use Vaseline you’d like to share with us? Please comment!


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