It All Started by Request from Mom… Morse Jewelry!

“Something that would remind her that she is not alone on the mountain” she said.

It started by a request from a mom in Texas whose daughter climbs mountains and sometimes goes overseas for a long period time. I thought about giving her my existing items to recommend. Silver Word Necklace is good. Infinity Bracelet would remind her she was loved anywhere she goes. Somehow, something stopped me. I felt like I’m underminding the Mom’s love. I don’t know the details, but I felt there was something heart-full about her short message and her relationship with her daughter. I wanted to give her something more private, something more personal.

I sat down, started to think. Jewelry for travelers. Jewelry for people who are active. Jewelry for someone courageous who can be lonely at times.

tools and supplies for morse jewelry

tools and supplies for morse jewelry

Moms who want to convey their minds to their loved ones. Guys who want to confess their love to a girl. People who challenge themselves everyday and have to leave their loved ones behind sometimes. I wanted to create something to connect them.

It took a long time because I took a detour (sorry!), but finally here it is. Morse Jewelry.

morse bracelet and necklace

morse bracelet & necklace

I tried different beads and shapes, a bunch of trials and errors passed, and eventually I kept the simple version of my drafts for the first round of Morse Jewelry. It is designed to be worn everyday. I had to be more careful to make it sturdy, so for that, I decided to use our nylon tubes, instead of metal chains, and the finish of the back of each piece is different than other Tube Jewelry in our collections. Familiar geometric cube beads and colorful tubes you can see in our Cube on Tube Collection are used, and I’m putting Morse Jewelry in the same Cube on Tube collection.

Using Morse code, the giver can send their short message to the receiver. Short but powerful and sincere, or fun, or sometimes secretive. Or just the identity of the wearer is also good. Just to remind the wearer who they are, who they are with, what is important to them… I’m excited to see clients’ smiles when they open the box and decode the message.

With different shapes and sizes of beads in the making right now already for the next Morse Jewelry, it has plenty of room to improve and evolve. Again, I’m thrilled for the infinite possibility for my newest creation.

What’s the message you’d like to send in Morse Code to your loved ones? Please share it with us below.

***P.S. Thanks, Michele, for your inquiry and inspiration! Hope you like my gift. 🙂




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