Simple Ways to Help Others This Holiday Season

Happy Christmas to you all! Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, Christmas is a wonderful holiday to share and give.

“In the busiest time and season, how do you find to help out non-profit organizations and your local communities?” I get asked a lot. It’s not finding the time to help out. I always put time aside to help out. It’s on my regular schedule, rather than something I do in my spare time. When I was younger, I was busy with what I wanted to do in my life and just looked ahead for my goals. Then when I got old enough, I finally looked around to see what I have around me and found what I can do to help others. It’s been decades since I started getting involved with non-profit organizations, and I regretted that I didn’t start sooner.

My passion is to help out women and children in needs, but around holidays, I focus more on local organizations. I get in line to stuff bags for low income family or to scoop up foods onto a plate for homeless fellas, sometimes we deliver the bags stuffed with daily necessities to centers in needs. Last year we gathered in Los Angeles downtown to give out gifts to the people on the street. It’s really simple, to tell you the truth, and it doesn’t seem much, but when you put the effort together, it’s becomes a big event, great sharing, and good love giving.

food drive

food drive: image from

This holiday season, you don’t have to look far. Just look around you. How can you make your corner of the world a better place? Here are some ways to get involved.

End Hunger
Local Boy and Girl Scout troops, as well as schools and places of worship, collect non-perishable food for those who can use a hot meal and an outstretched arm during the holidays. Food drive is everywhere, and this type of sharing and giving tends to be found very easily in your local area, so look for one if you want to help.

Ring a Doorbell
Not everyone is blessed with an abundance of family or friends. If you suspect that someone on your block or in your parish is going to be alone for the holidays, consider inviting them to join your holiday gathering. If that is not possible, make a point of engaging in friendly and warm conversations with them more often.

Give Blood
Give the gift of life by donating blood or by managing a community blood drive during the holidays. Around 34,000 units of red blood cells are used in U.S. hospitals on a daily basis, but blood donations tend to drop during the holidays, even though the need escalates during that time.

Sing On
Participate in a holiday song sing-a-long at a local hospital, retirement home or hospice. Have one singer dress up as Santa Claus, complete with a sack filled with small, wrapped presents, such as toiletries or pre-approved yummy treats. Consider folding a play or puppet show into the festivities for children, and end the day with brief holiday wishes at each bedside.

For more ideas to help others this holiday season, check your local chamber of commerce and non-profit organizations. What’s your favorite way to help others around holidays? Please share with us in the comment.

You have a healthy happy holiday!


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