Better Ways to Travel During Holidays

Happy New Years’ Eve, everyone! Hope you will be surrounded by loved ones tonight to welcome the new year together.

It is wonderful to gather with family members or loved ones around holidays for a good time. Only it could be not so stressful to travel to see them too, right? Here are some simple tips to make your traveling experience better around holidays.

1. Plan, plan, plan

First, have ALL your reservation #’s and travel documents/voucher in handy in case you need them.

Plan your time. Be early. Give enough time to get to places. Unexpected surprises might wait for you.

Plan what kind of travel you’d like to enjoy. Is it fun packed with outdoor activities with kids? Relaxing all the way with your boyfriend? Visiting all your relatives in town with your family? According to what your trip is for and what you expect in the trip, you should plan time and money and activities ahead of time.

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2. Choose what you wear wisely

You probably know this by now. Wear something comfortable. Especially if you’re traveling with airlines, choose clothes, accessories, and shoes that can be taken off and on easily at the checkup at the airport. Put metal items (like keys) in your carry-on, so you don’t have to put it in and out of your pocket, just in case you lose them in the process.

3. Bring snacks

In case of unexpected delays or waiting time anywhere, carry some chocolate bar or a bottle of water. It gets more stressful when you’re hungry. It also might be challenging to find food when the delays take long and when it happens somewhere no convenient stores are close by. Especially with kids, snacks and portable game players are great to have.

4. Have a right attitude & Remember to unwind

Have a right attitude during the trip. Thank people who help you for your needs anywhere you go, Remember to smile if some trouble comes up instead of frowns, and Try to be friendly and be nice to people you meet whoever that would be. Remember to spread the holiday spirits and enjoy your time. The point is to feel good, be happy, and enjoy your holidays.

Remember to relax when you arrive your destiny and when you come back. Have some time to unwind before you start your activities, and then, also have some time to unwind after you arrive back home before you start working. Especially if you know jet-lag will bother you, come home earlier and take enough time to get back to your normal daily schedule.

There you go. What’s your traveling tips around holidays?Please share with us in the comment.

I wish you have a great time for the new year’s day weekend, and have a safe trip back home! 🙂


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