Most Important Thing You Need For New Start

Happy New Year 2015 to all PinKixxes out there!

The new year has arrived and moving forward. At the beginning of each year, I feel like the whole world has been freshened up for a new start. Though nothing really has been changed. Silly, but it’s a good feeling to start new. If everything is new, I feel like another chance has been given and I can start anything I want. Starting a brand-new drawing on a white canvas. The infinite possibility. All starts from the new white canvas, the beginning point where there’s nothing yet, clean and new. Fresh Mind / Clear Mind is what we need to start new and fresh, and Fresh Mind starts from these:

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1. Clean up & Organize

That’s right. Clean things and clear clutters around you.

  • Tidy up your desk. Clean your work area. Throw out last year’s junk, file away important information where it belongs and give everything a good dust or wipe down. Refill anything that you’re running out of, replace things that are too old, and place a pretty plant or photo on your desk to cheer yourself up.
  • Clean your personal areas too, which includes your closet. You know there is stuff accumulating dusts in your closet. Clean them out and donate or sell them to a 2nd hand store.
  • Now for your bag. That’s right, your bag. Women’s handbag is getting bigger and bigger these days, meaning more and more stuff in your bag that you hardly use or even see in there. It became your go-to place when you need something, and you’re carrying everything?! Let’s stop that. Check your backpacks, satchels, handbags, laptop carriers, and other bags. Don’t carry around unnecessary items. Things you don’t need in the bag are clutter that increases the bulk and weight and might scratch items like laptops, phones and valuables.

Now, organize. Organize for your new year resolution and goal. What do you need to achieve them?

  • is there any gear, equipment, food, clothing, etc. needed to start your new fitness/eating/exercise regime? Or perhaps you need new hobby or craft materials or new sports gear. Write down the needed items so that you can work out whether you already have what’s needed or need to buy, beg, borrow or freecycle it.
  • Do you need to book memberships, travel, subscriptions or any other service to aid the resolution? If so, write this down too.
  • Write down anything else of relevance, alongside those resolutions.
  • In some cases, breaking down the goals into short term and long term milestones is necessary to ensure you don’t flag in your willpower. Write down any milestones you think will work for you.
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2. Review & Reflect and Let Go

Just like a lot of successful people are saying, reviewing what happened and not happened in the past year is essential to plan the new year. I agree. And also it is necessary to fresh your mind. Both for life AND business.

  • Anything you regret saying? Anyone you wish you could apologize too? If there is, apologize and make things right with them. You don’t want to worry or regret anything when you start the new year.
  • Was this past year so great you don’t want it to be a new year? Great, make a scrapbook or diary entry about how great this year has been. But tell yourself the new year will be even better. Build on the lessons you’ve learned and keep the good things coming.
  • Was this past year such a terrible year for you that you worry the new year will be more of the same or even worse? Thinking that way may be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nobody expects you to fly when your wings feel broken but it’s important for your own well-being to start finding small ways to mend your dreams. Treat yourself with greater compassion and hang out more with folks who have kind hearts. Focus on making this coming year a much gentler, kinder one. This might include letting go of things that are causing you anxiety. It may be scary at first, but really liberating when you finally do it.

3. Plan & Be Optimistic and Positive

Great! You have a new plan for the new year. To have a better chance to achieve it, I suggest a Vision Board.

Vision board is a collage that displays all of your personal and professional goals, as well as things you love. Tear out magazine pages, cut out quotes, tack on encouraging writing clips. Fill every corner with pictures of friends and family, books you want to read, and places you want to go.

Vision board will help you to clear your minds and clear on what you want. For the rest of the year, this vision board will serve as your inspirational touchstone – whenever you need a pick me up or physical reminder to keep on going. The New Year is filled with endless opportunities, and ample time to accomplish your dreams. So don’t hold back in making this your own – no aspiration is too wild!

There you go! Now you’re ready for a new goal and dream for the new year.

What do you do to fresh your mind? You want to share your advice with other PinKixxes who are starting the new year with fresh mind? Please do so in the comment.

Believe that this year will be your BEST year! Let’s have a productive and thriving year 2015 together!


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