New beginning with New You…Physically

Last week, we talked about what we need to start new and fresh for this new year. Now that we’re ready with plans and fresh minds, I’d like to talk about things we can do to fresh our physical surroundings and our body. The new beginning with the new you. Visually so.

Freshen Up Your Room and House

Before the busy life picks up again, some deep cleaning and adding new touches to your room can help for you to be new. Not to mention they will give you inspirational boosts to start 2015 right. Vacuuming, carpet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, floor cleaning… Whew, a lot of clean around. If it’s too much for you, just hire someone who can do that job for you. While we’re at it, reorganize your furniture to give a completely different look of your pad. In addition to that, as we talked about last week, clean and organize your desk, work space, closet, and bags for more efficient work. Yep, a lot to do, isn’t there. Now the fun parts:

  • Swap your sheets. Try something you haven’t done. If you’ve been sticking to a simple mono color for the last year, why not try a big and cheerful flower pattern or an ombre in your favorite color palette. The point is ‘change.’
  • Switch up your decor. Hang up new photos, add some flowers to your nightstand, brighten up the corner of your room with a tall tree, and make room for the great new memories you’ll be making this year.
  • Light a scented candle. Or buy an air freshener, to add crispness and zen to your newly-cleaned oasis.
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Freshen Up Your Appearance

If your everyday get-ready routine has gotten a little blah, the New Year is the perfect time to experiment with hair, makeup, and – of course – fashion! I always encourage women to change their appearance from time to time. You don’t have to go mad scientist in terms of extremity, but simply trying new styles can help you discover a new look you love and help you change your mood. Try these tips out to add some spice to your image:

  • Paint your nails. There are no boundaries with nails. On top of color, there are countless cool effects, funky designs, and pretty patterns you can try.
  • Play with makeup. If you tend to stick with neutrals, why not opt for a sultry smoky eye or colored liner? Different looks for different occasions, right? If you always had a brown eyeliner, do black or purple this year. See who catches it too.
  • Try on something you wouldn’t usually wear. A closet clean-out is the perfect excuse to at least go window shopping. Instead of heading to your usual stores, go somewhere that doesn’t fit with your usual taste. Bring your friend(s) who would give you positive feedback on your change. You could end up discovering a new favorite piece in the new store. Hey, nothing to lose to try, so go on.
  • Change your hair. Don’t say typical. It really helps you feel different. This is my number one change I make when I feel blue or need to improve my mood. Whether you’re overdue for a trim or want a whole ‘new-do,’ changing your hair can make you feel like a whole new woman. And if you’re feeling extra daring, take it to another level: brighten the new year with some highlights or a whole new color all together. 


Ready for another 12 month of go-get-it? Remember only you are in control of yourself. We all feel blue sometimes and slow down with lack of energy, but the important thing is to pick yourself up right away before the negativity goes too deep or too long. It’s okay to drop what you’re doing and realign, and do something that improves your mood. Please share what you do to be new in the comment, so we can help each other. Let’s go!


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