Unique Valentine Gift Guide under $100 for Confident Women and PANKs

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. What would you like to receive or give this time? Are you thinking, “Been there and done that. What is really a valentines day anyway?” Think of it as a good excuse to share love. Whether it’s for your sister or girlfriend or mom or best friend, sharing love around is a delightful idea. Let’s make everyone’s day happier and lighter. AND, it’s Valentine’s Day, baby. Believe me, you’re permitted to be cute and corny for one day.

1. Handmade Gift

This is my personal favorite. If you want to give a meaningful and unique gift, try handmade yourself. It doesn’t have to big or expensive or tough project you have to pull days to make it. Simple handmade cards, handmade ornaments, handmade candies, handmade cookies, handmade calendar, and many more, handmade gifts are great anytime. Also just buy a gift but wrap it yourself to make it handmade package is good too.

gift package from pinterest.com

gift package from pinterest.com

2. Fun Kitchen Gadgets

Funny Mugs, Love Ceramic Plates, Bottle opener coaster, Colorful spoons… Funny and cute kitchen gadgets are great inexpensive gifts.



valentine gift idea: kitchen

valentine gift idea: kitchen

3. Pillows

Pillows are great decorations for your bedroom or living room. Love pillow, body pillow, decoration pillows… there are tons to choose from.




body pillow from etsy

body pillow from etsy

4. Books

You might think that this is mundane, but somehow there are books that I do want to read but i don’t go out of my way to purchase, if it makes sense. It’s like one of those sitcoms that you’d watch if it happens to be on, but you wouldn’t particularly go out of your way to find the channel and the right schedule to watch it. I know a lot of PinKixxes love quotes and like to read for our  souls, so let’s try to get or give some books this year. This is a list that I find interesting if you want to check out:


books to read

books to read from pinterest.com

5. Geometric Jewelry

Jewelry, flowers, and candies are the basic elements for Valentine’s day. With the value of jewelry gift going up these days, it’d be great to give some unique jewelry to your loved one this year. Here are some geometric jewelry on Etsy:



geometric jewelry: Silver Bubble Earrings

geometric jewelry: Silver Bubble Earrings

6. Bath and Body

Ahhh, who wouldn’t love relaxing bath and something to help our body glow? Admit it, we all need it. Here are some you can check out:



Make it a package. For example, a soap, a scrub, and a candle together in a box.

bath bomb

bath bomb from etsy

7. Funny T-shirt

Funny shirts are always fun to receive or give. You can also custom order your own shirt online very easy.




funny shirt from etsy

funny shirt from etsy

8. Work-out Helpers

We all are conscious about taking care of our body and health. This year, you can add some useful gadgets for yourself to work out more. Fitbit is good, exercise ball is good, yoga cards are good, and…




yoga socks

yoga socks from pinterest.com

There you go! Got some ideas now? Adding some funny or pun candies to your gift gets definite extra points. Don’t forget local business when you shop too. If you’re too busy to go out, creating home date with your favorite wine, food, and music is an awesome idea.

What’s your unique idea of Valentine’s Day gift? Please share it in the comment with us and other PinKixxes.

Wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!



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