Perfect Tech Gadgets for PANKs

These days, we carry and use so many tech-related gadgets. Besides the “three-is-the-magic-number,” a smart phone, an ipad, and a laptop we carry around all day for our business, we also have Kindles or Nooks for reading, GPS to get directions, a mini portable charger for any carrying device, a selfie stick, and (I’m pretty sure) more. Not that we do not have enough techy stuff with us, it’s fun to check out these gadgets to help out our everyday life more convenient AND fun.

1. Pocket Outwear

We love bags, but there are some days that i do feel much better going out without a purse. For the time like this, Scottevest has vests and jackets with up to 42 pockets. Amazing!

coat with pockets and pockets

coat with pockets and pockets from

2. Spygear Camera on your phone

A smoke detector hidden camera, a coat hook hidden camera, a lens classes camera, a wi-fi router hidden camera, an outdoor rock hidden camera, a usb disc hidden camera… You name it, there is a hidden camera on everything. If you love playing with your phone and taking photos, try this.

This camera takes swivels 360° to let you shoot from any angle, get candid shots by shooting on the sly, high quality optics preserve photo quality, and works great with all phone models.

3. FitBit Charge

If you’re getting tired of waiting for the Apple watch, Fitbit Charge with a slick design may be for you. In 4 different colors, the new FitBit Charge features all day activity recording, daily stats, long battery life, caller id, alarm, wireless sync stats automatically to smartphones and computers, and more. Charge HR version also monitors heart rate.

fitbit charge hr

fitbit charge hr

4. Tech Dress

The wearable tech trend is so hot right now, as seen with all the new fitness devices, google glass, smartwatches, and even a bra that doubles as a gas mask (’cause we all need one of those, right?). But most of the smartest high-tech fashions are still prototypes, let alone realistic for a mass audience. While still crazy expensive, a standout in this about-to-become-mainstream field is CuteCircuit, a London-based interactive-fashion company. LED technology is tucked into these gowns and mini-dresses in a form-fitting way that totally flatters by creating sparkles, glows and twinkles.

If you loved Katy Perry on the Voice of Germany wearing white chiffon and organza dress a year ago, check this led tech-ed outfits:

5. Clocky

A study from Harvard Medical School found that women rouse earlier than men due to shorter sleep cycles. However, that doesn’t mean all women are innately endowed with the willpower to instantly hop out of bed. Hail the super-human woman who’s able to shun the predawn electronic din of alarm clocks and wake naturally with the rising sun. For the rest of us mere mortals, modern technology can help ensure that we exit our beds on schedule. Enter Sleeptracker: the nighttime wristwatch that monitors circadian rhythms for you. That can be a particular boon for women, since once the watch detects early morning movements, indicating that deep sleep is over, it sounds the alarm.

Women who require more motivation to scurry out from under the covers might like to make friends with Clocky. The space-age alarm clock on wheels will roll away and hide if you try to hit snooze. You’ll have to get out of the bed and play a groggy game of hide-and-seek to shut this clock up. We’re sure you’re awake by then (hopefully).

clocky alarm clock

clocky alarm clock

6. Sticker to track

Have you tried this, guys? If you lose your keys, remote controls, or phones and things often, you might want to try this gadget. A size of quarter sticker can be put on any thing you may lose, and you can track it with your phone or any device when you can’t find it. Smart? I think so.

7. PetSitter

Pet owner? Love your pets and can’t get enough of them and love sharing their photos and videos with everyone? This allows you to watch your pet while you’re away and record a video. Coming soon in february 2015.


There you have it! Please note that PinKixx Jewelry is not endorsed to any of these gadgets in this article, and it’s purely our own opinion based on our experience and researches.

Any tech gadget you use to make your life easier now? What new tech gadget do you desire the most this year? Which one are you planning to buy? Please share your cool device in mind with us in the comment!



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