Valentine Fashion for All

Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies!

The V-Day is in just a few days. What’s your plan? Having fun at a Lock and Key party? Going out on a hot date? Watching “50 shades of grey” with your lady friends? Staying home for a cozy night? All sounds pretty darn good!

Whatever event you’re attending, you gotta dress up for the part. Here are some hot ones and fun ones for any plan you might have on Valentine’s Day.


Dress, dress, dress. Flirty, delightful, floral… Be the valentine for your partner. Have fun. Enjoy yourself. Be the queen of the night!

Some ideas for valentine dresses:

hot dress for valentines day

hot dress for valentines day: image from


This year, Valentine’s day is Saturday. You can celebrate all day if you want. Accent your V-day fashion with Red. It could be shoes, it could be a lipstick, it could be earrings, a bag, socks, a scarf, a coat, a shirt, or any combination of above. Red is hot!


red-accent-for-valentines-day: image from


You still have to run errands, you have work to do out of office during the weekend, and Valentine’s Day is not an exception. Saturday night staying home resting after a long week is necessary and can be also fun. A hearty meal with your favorite wine, a nice conversation with your loved ones, gossiping with your girlfriends, a comedy movie in front of a fireplace… Also, whether it’s alone watching TV or with someone talking, you can laugh out loud as much as you want at home. Ha!


valentine-staying-home-shirts: images from

Some ideas for what to wear on V-day:


Whatever you wear or whatever you fancy this Valentine’s day, remember to be YOU and be happy!

***We love to hear from you about your Valentine’s Day. Please share your v-day plan in the comment with us. 🙂


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