Urban Jewelry of the Month No. 2 – Gold Jewelry

This month, we’re featuring Gold Jewelry.

Gold is naturally occurring, precious, yellow metal that is highly valued and often used in jewelry. You can find different kind of gold jewelry: Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Crown Gold, Red Gold, Gold Filled, Gold Plated, or Vermeil. Some shiny, and some others matte. Higher karat, more gold: 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, and 24kt (pure gold). There is so much to talk about this popular metal. We’ll just cover the tip of it today, fashionably.

To get definitions of “gold” related terms:

Gold Jewelry has been popular for centuries as you all know, and it is hip, fun, and every girl should own one or two at least. Some women are a little timid about incorporating gold jewels into their wardrobe because some may feel it is flashy, but gold jewelry can really enhance your look instantly and make you look as though you have impeccable style. When you want to add a little extra bling to your look, gold is perfect to really amp up your sex appeal.

gold jewelry from pinkixx.com

gold jewelry from pinkixx

Gold Jewelry is so versatile. The possibility of the gold jewelry goes for casual outings as well as to very formal and dressy occasions. Velvet, cottons, satins, silks, knits or corduroys, gold gels well with all kinds of fabrics as well.

  • Try combinations of gold necklace, gold ring, gold bracelet, or gold watch together.
  • Gold can be layered beautifully. We have seen many women walking around in an adorable outfit that is accompanied by a variety of long necklaces overlapped and intertwined. Some necklaces are plain chains, while others have charms and beads. This look is especially fun for a woman who really wants to wear a statement piece with just a pair of jeans and basic tee shirt. When you wear this look, have fun with it and wear a few different necklaces that vary in length, style and size. This style would be for a special day, not everyday.
  • If you plan to wear gold jewelry during the night time, yellow gold may make for a perfect match with the beautiful dresses.
  • Browns, blacks, burgundy and oranges make for a good combination with gold.

If you are leery about how to go about adding gold into your jewelry box, go with a simple piece. Lean, long, round or any simple shapes are great to wear everyday. Simple geometrics are a great way for you to get a feel for gold, but to do it in a way that is very classy and very basic. Please check out HERE for simple gold jewelry.

With Gold, you can also Mix-and-Match with other metals and gemstone pieces. Gold jewelry are gorgeous to pair with silver, copper, any color gemstone pieces. Other colored accessories are fun to match up with gold too and very easy to do so.

Rose gold that’s been popular for a while. You can pair rose gold jewelry with copper or coral gemstone or yellow gold. Like I said before, color matching is easy with gold jewelry.

popular gold jewelry from pinkixx.com

popular gold jewelry from pinkixx

Gold jewelry is generally easy to maintain. Common jewelry care can be applied. However, it is important and necessary to be cared properly to ensure the longer life of the jewelry and to maximize the color effect when worn.

Find more about how to clean different types of gold jewelry here:

PinKixx Jewelry has been offering gold jewelry in nature and modern collections, and they have been quite popular. We also offer gold-filled and vermeil items at PinKixx, so it could be affordable for more customers. Please check them out today.

Tell us what gold jewelry you fancy to bling yourself up. And, as always, don’t forget to be confident!


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