How to Look as Confident Leader

A lot of our confident and proud PinKixxes are leaders of their offices and companies in various fields. How you should look everyday is important for your business and your co-workers and employees, and most importantly for yourself. We usually have less than a minute to make an impact and a lasting impression on someone or a group of people.

Your appearance plays a huge part if you’re a leader. Appearance opens the door and gets you invited in. What you wear and how you look can affect the way you feel and the way you act. So let’s dress for success, and to look good and feel good.

1. Healthy Look over Smart Look

Intelligent look is important as a leader, of course. What’s more important is that you look healthy. Show that you take care of yourself.

A Dutch-led study published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience finds that people mostly ignore facial features that might make someone look smart. But they overwhelmingly prefer people who look healthy. The study concluded that “attractiveness is in part driven by cues to health, and healthy leaders are likely to be exceptionally important when disease threatens the viability of the group.”

What does that mean? Take care of yourself before you take care of business. That means get enough sleep, exercise, and a well-rounded diet. Employees can tell when you’re burned out.

2. Simple Look over Expensive Look

A few years back, a study by the Center for Work-Life Policy, a New York think tank, was released that executives with presence act self confident, strategic, decisive, and assertive. That’s what you want to show. Confident women  don’t need much accessory to decorate themselves. Loud accessories will distract from showing who you are. I noticed that a lot of coaches and public speakers wear mono-tone outfit or simple but unique accessories. Unless you’re purposely wearing colorful or big shiny accessories for your business or a particular event you’re attending to, you would want to wear something that wouldn’t overpower what you’re trying to show people: yourself. The clothes or accessories you wear don’t have to be expensive at all either. It just has to make y-o-u look million bucks.


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3. Familiar Look over Nicer Look

Don’t get me wrong. I am all about being unique and being bold. I am a “i wear whatever i wanna wear” woman. You can wear mixed unconventional dressing that completely goes against people’s expectation on what people of your career should wear, such as a tough-talking lawyer with excellent skill and judgment, who matched stiletto heels and fishnet stockings with a huge smile in a court room. However, studies suggest women can end-run social norms by simply being more “familiar”: understanding the power of putting others at ease. When people you work with feel they “know you” – that you laugh at jokes, watch the same shows – they are more likely to give you latitude to be yourself. Dress the part of where you are as a professional and be yourself.

4. Stylish Look over Fashionable Look

“You’re so stylish” means you’re wearing what looks good on you. You made whatever you’re wearing work. “You’re so fashionable” means you’re wearing what’s currently popular and on trend. That’s what I meant by here anyway for those terms. Trendy look absolutely has its value for people who closely follow what’s popular, and I do love to see people follow what’s going on out there. But, more importantly, it has to look good on you. How precious the accessory you’re wearing or how trendy the lipstick color you put on has no positive value to wear it unless it represents you. Being stylish doesn’t have to be about anything expensive or popular. It just has to help you shine in the crowd by being a part of you. Wear what suits you.


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5. Confident Look over Power Look

This is major. The most look you have to wear. Look confident. Like Cindy Crawford said, “when we feel beautiful, we have confidence and self-assurance. When we feel that way, we go out with our chin a little higher and make better decisions. I don’t think good choices come out of insecurity. That’s why it even matters; otherwise, who cares?”

The confident look is the million-buck look. Without it, whatever you physically wear does not matter. Confident people gather people around them. People want to learn from them, they want to be protected by them, and they want to meet them if they had a chance. Powerful people overwhelm others. Uncomfortable to reach out to them or rather watch them from afar.

Let’s not overwhelm people with too many colors (if it’s funny, then it’s a different story), look-at-me-look-at-me glitters, excessive makeups, or huge accessories. Do not wear something that would make you uncomfortable. When you’re confident, you should feel comfortable and natural with any type of audience you might have wherever you are at.


No matter where you are or who you meet, you should feel good as much as look good. With all above, what you wear has to be you: to represent you and what you’re working for or going for. Just looking at your image or appearance should say who you are, what you are, and how much you’re capable of.

If you’re trying to change your images, please do not change your style drastically. Start with one thing at a time.

How you dress is not a one time deal or just a special event only. It’s a constant everyday practice to be a leader or a confident woman. How you dress changes your attitude and mind. If you’re not sure whether to dress casual or business attire, dress up rather than down.

There you have it, PinKixxes. Don’t let a little thing like what you wear get in the way of being the best you can be. You can also check out our stylish modern jewelry you need to go with your outfit at

Dress who you are, and remember to be confident!


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