Coming-Soon Cool Tech Gadgets in 2015

Samsung galaxy s6, htc the one M9 (hima), apple watch… What else are you waiting for? So many exciting tech gadgets are out there to make lives of busy professionals and career women like us easier and more enjoyable. This year is also not exceptional. Here are some our PinKixx members might ‘need’ (alright, ‘enjoy’):

1. Smartphone Case Printer 

A smartphone case that prints. Who wouldn’t want that? Raised more than $1.5 million on Kickstarter and now for pre-order with delivery in august 2015, Prynt prints the photos you take instantly.

Prynt smartphone printer

Prynt smartphone printer

Don’t you think this will beat Lady GaGa who announced to carry a Polaroid’s photo printer in her purse at CES in 2011?

Purse size printers are also out there if you are interested.

2. Morning and Evening Caffeine Fix

As shown at CES 2015, this Smarter’s Wifi Kettle will greet you when you wake up and come home, oh, yeah, and make your perfect coffees.


smarter’s wifi kettle

With the wifi kettle you can start boiling your kettle from anywhere in the house. Using the wifi kettle app you will save up to two days a year by pre-boiling your kettle saving you up to five minutes at a time. The wifi kettle is smart, it will tell you when your hot water is ready to pour, remind you to refill and tell you when the kettle is empty. Or set  the kettle to automatically turn on when you pull up on the drive so its ready and waiting for you when you walk through the door. Love it?

3. Healthy Household Plants

Seriously lacking a green thumb, or simply can’t find a kind neighbor to check in on your ficus while you’re on vacation? This smart sensor will make your house green-green and fresher and more nature-related at ease.

It will test the soil, the amount of sunlight that your plant is soaking up, and how much water it really needs—and then sends this information to you for monitoring via an app.

Parrot Flower Power H2O in a nutshell:

  • Automatic watering system
  • Water conservation mode maximizes water efficiency and minimizes waste
  • The most advanced wireless plant monitor
  • Solid & water resistant design that fits in any pot or garden
  • Free iOS and Android dedicated App with over 8,000 plants
  • Expert advice directly on your Smartphone

To water a plant while you’re away, simply affix a standard screw-top bottle filled with water to the device, and the Flower Power H20 will know how much to give the plant based on its “vital signs” and what type of flora it is.

Perfect for busy professionals, right?

flower power

parrot flower power

4. Top-Notch Home Security

Imagine you can answer your door from anywhere literally.

DoorBird, available now, secures and lets you know what’s going on at your door/gate.

“Talk to your visitors and open the door using your smartphone, from anywhere in the world. With DoorBird you never miss a visitor. With the DoorBird video doorbell you can always take control of your parcel, whether you’re in your garden or across town. No need to arrange your life around a delivery schedule. You will receive an instant alert on your smartphone or tablet as soon as a visitor pushes the button, securely and world-wide. You can also connect your standard in-house door chime. Always know what is going on outside your home. Receive alerts by the built-in motion sensor which detects any activity even if a visitor doesn’t press the button. Most burglaries occur during daytime hours, when homes are usually unoccupied. With this gadget, you’re always home.”

5. Climate-Controlled Home

No matter how new your HVAC system is, you may still have one room in your house that’s always a sauna—while another is an icebox.

Ecovent, available in August, helps remedy that problem. It’s a system of smart air vents, plug-in sensors and an app that allows you to set temperatures individually by room via smartphone.

Because the system can sense someone’s presence, it also knows when it doesn’t need to heat or cool a room unnecessarily—saving you on utility bills.


So, what do you think of these gadgets? Any other cool tech gadgets you’d like to share? Please let us know in the comment.

For more gadgets, we like thegadgetflow.



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