4 Reasons to Purchase Jewelry as Gift

Why do you buy jewelry? Of course, it’s pretty, it’s cool, and it’s beautiful, but, more importantly, purchasing jewelry is emotional process. It’s what you desire, it’s what you cherish. and it’s sometimes what you remember. Some have sentimental value, and some other jewelry represent something special to specific persons. It also shows the sense of status of the wearer. The kings and queens in history had their jewelry to show or verify who they were. In modern fashion sense, jewelry is fun to coordinate, and it makes you feel fancy and million bucks. Jewelry also boosts your confidence and mood when you need it. So, who wouldn’t give jewelry as a gift for their special someone?

1. Jewelry is perceived as holding its value.

The new survey of affluent consumers conducted by Time Inc. and market research firm YouGov shows that consumers remain picky and a little paranoid, Jim Taylor, vice chairman of YouGov says, and like the idea that jewels can be traded in when times get tough.

Taylor says “There is a really complex and interesting psychological rebirth of the inherent value of jewelry,” he says. “People understand that jewelry holds its value, particularly the metal content. It is a significant factor in justifying the purchase of an expensive piece of jewelry. It will be there for you down the road and doesn’t amortize its way out of existence, like a car.”

Silver Bubble Necklace

Silver Bubble Necklace

2. Consumers want meaningful purchases.

Jewelry is a very personal thing – gifts from your significant other, family heirlooms, purchases to mark milestones, or meaningful messages to remember.

People are searching for gifts that really communicate how they feel in a relationship or how they like to feel when you have them. The value of jewelry as a metaphor for how they feel has returned to the table. There are searches for something with special meaning everyday. Jewelry can satisfy you for that easily.

If you give any message or meaningful jewelry, they’ll wear it often (if not everyday) and cherish it. What more do you look for in gifts?

Silver Word Necklace - believe

Silver Word Necklace – believe

3. Jewelry is a novel purchase.

Sometimes it seems like jewelry may have lost its value since it became such a regular and common purchase for any (special) occasions. But, as we all know that jewelry is personal, each jewelry has different value to different wearers. Each jewelry you receive will have different meaning and it’ll be just for you. Even the same jewelry will have different value when I wear it versus when you do. That makes it special and separates it from any other gifts.

Gold Infinity Bracelet with Initial

Gold Infinity Bracelet with Personal Initial

4. Jewelry is not a luxury item anymore

“Jewelry is expensive,” “I don’t need jewelry,” “I have enough jewelry already,” is this you? Think of it this way. Jewelry is to express oneself. Whether the jewelry one is wearing is expensive or not, it’s one of great ways to show who they are, not something extra they don’t need. As a confident woman, wearing jewelry means adding value to their fashion and themselves. And, vice versa, they can add value onto what they wear. Be the value of yourself. Wear the value of yourself. One special gift can change one’s life. Give the special jewelry to a graduate who start their new career, a bride heading to a new life, or a mom or wife who deserves something special. You’ll see jewelry is one of the best gifts out there.


Pretty good reasons to get jewelry gift, right? Send jewelry that will mean special to your loved ones. PinKixx also has varieties of different handmade jewelry collections to choose from, depending on your taste. Come and shop today and let us know how you think.

What jewelry gift have you sent to someone? Please share your story in the comment.



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