Must-Haves in Your Closet for Confident Women

PinKixx is all about making women confident and proud. I wanted to do this series, “Must-Haves in Your Closet fro Confident Women,” for a long time and gathered a lot of information from online and actual workers. Some might not be what you agree to, but I’m sure we can learn a lot from this series to comply them into our fashion to emphasize our confidence in everyday life.

Confident women take in charge of their lives. Whether it’s business or personal, the way you lead your life influences others and teaches them ‘do’s and ‘dont’s. Consciously and unconsciously, you lead others and show them how to improve themselves into being confident women. Also the attentions from others add more confidence on confident women. You walk taller, prouder. You act and speak with more thought and clarity because you know you have an audience around you. You tend to think things through and to see the “big picture.” And if you’ve prepared to lead correctly, you already have a message to share to sway people to your way of thinking.

“Leadership is influence,” says management expert John C. Maxwell, “If you want to have influence, dress like a leader. It’s the fastest way to get what you want.” Here are some essential tips what you should have in your closet to start with:


Dark colors like black, blue, and brown – and neutral colors like beige and gray – tend to command more respect than light and bright colors. If you’re a woman working in a male industry, avoid wearing “girly” colors like pink, purple, and pastels when dealing with men. This is not to be ‘manly.’ This is to respect the work environment and that women are equal at work. And, trust me, there will be plenty of occasions you will wear “girly” if you want.

women in suits

women in suits: image from


Simple, classic lines rate more favorably than fussy, complicated ones. Trendy clothes are frowned upon in just about every industry outside of fashion. If you keep it simple, you’ll command respect.


Firm, tailored fabrics are associated with firm, commanding leaders. Opt for wool, linen, mohair – yes, all those troublesome fabrics that require extra care. Just another way to show you’re confident.


Classic buttons, functioning zippers, usable pockets – everything you need but nothing you don’t. Don’t let trendy embellishments pull attention away from the main attraction: you.


When you wear a standard leadership “uniform,” accessories are the easiest way to let your personality show through. You can get a little creative – interesting colors, textures, and shapes, for example – but do keep them simple and elegant so they don’t steal the show – or your message.

Great. Now you have some ideas what you need in your closet. What do you have in your closet that makes you feel confident? Please share with us below.

***I’ll share more and more fashion tips for confident women and leaders. Stay tuned!


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