Easy Beauty Tips for Professional Women #3

The older we get, the more serious we become about our careers, families, love life, and more – which forces us to juggle the demands of life. The resulting stress produces spikes in cortisol, which can cause temporary hair shedding, which we do not want to see happening. Not to mention, our hair gets dry more and more everyday. What to do, what to do… So guess what. Today, we are going to talk about how to treat our hair to be healthier and shinier. Easy breezy tips. Here we go!


Dryness is the most common complaint for hair. Most pros say it’s time to start using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, even if your hair doesn’t feel that dry. “In our thirties, we start to lose lipids in our scalps, similar to what is happening on our faces, so we need to up the ante on moisture,” says Chelsea Scott, founder of the TruHair product line. Other pros agree it’s time to start hydrating, if for no reason other than to establish good habits before your dryness issues start.

thinning hair? here are hair treatment you can do!

thinning hair treatment for women over 30: image from pinterest.com


Due to lack of moisture in the air or excessive pollution, your hair tends to become frizzy. Naturally, such hair becomes extremely difficult to manage. To treat frizzy hair, deep condition them at least once a week. Shampoos, conditioners and serums work great to control frizzy hair. But they spoil the quality of hair in the long run. Regular use of artificial shampoos strips your hair of natural oils, so go for these DIY home-made treatments instead of using shampoos all the time. Slightly heat coconut oil and apply it on your hair as a hair conditioner and moisturizer. Massage gently throughout. You can leave it in overnight or condition with a heat cap if you are pressed for time. Coconut oil also provides shine. You can also use a hair mask made with one egg yolk and olive oil or wash your hair with baking soda and rinse with vinegar. Women with especially curly and kinky hair will love it!


“Hairfall can occur due to constant exposure to pollution and the harmful UV rays of the sun. Sometimes, not following a proper diet can also aggravate the problem,” says dermatologist, Dr Swati Srivastava. To treat hair loss, massage your scalp with coconut hair oil twice a week, to stimulate and moisturize your scalp. Since stress can also trigger hairfall, meditate or practise yoga or exercise daily.

hair treatment with coconut oil

DIY hair treatment with coconut oil: image from pinterest.com


Another tips is to buy a grownup brush; no more raking through strands with a plastic comb. “Brushing your hair is key. The whole 100-strokes-a-day idea went out of vogue for a while, but it’s back because there is a benefit to regular, therapeutic brushing,” says Nunzio Saviano, owner of an eponymous salon in New York City. “As we age, hair follicles shrink and eventually die. So now is the time to stimulate them with vigorous brushing, which keeps them healthy longer.”

Try using a small boar-bristle brush since natural hairs don’t tug on and break strands, and stroke your hair in every direction—“forward, backward, side to side”—for a minute. If your hair is straight, brush daily; if it’s wavy or curly, do it before shampooing.

So, how about you? What do you do when your hair feels dry or thinning?Please share your clever hair treatment tips!


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