I’m Telling You, That Is NOT Confidence

PinKixx runs to help PANKs to be confident and proud of themselves. It is important for women to be confident about themselves to carry on with their goals and dreams and everyday life, and PinKixx supports them whole-heartedly. However we sometimes make mistakes or overdo on what we’re trying to do and get backfired from that.

Being confident can be seen as being cocky or being arrogant sometimes. The first draws people in and around and makes people excited, the second repels people and make them feel down. The difference is very fine between “confident” and “arrogant,” yet the result is heaven and earth. Let’s distinguish them and be confident right!

Definition of Being Confident:

According to the dictionary, ‘Confident’ means sure of oneself. It’s nothing more and nothing less. Be sure of what we can do. Be sure of what we can’t do. Be sure of who we are. Be sure of who we are not.

Accept and Be Proud of Yourself, DO NOT BRAG

Know yourself. Find out what you’re good at. Also know that what you’re NOT good at. Know your limit. Know what you can, and know what you cannot. Accept yourself. Proud of yourself as you are. We all know it, we all heard it a thousand times. Being proud of yourself is not about going around and tell people what we accomplished and how many trophies we displayed at home. We tell people what we can do FOR them, we tell people what we’re good at FOR them. We share our experience, so people can learn, we share our knowledge, so we can help them to be proud and confident of themselves just like we are.

Say Thank-Yous and Sorrys, EXPRESS YOURSELF

Say thanks when accepting compliments. Apologize when you’re sorry. This is crucial. Confident people know when they made mistakes. They know how or when to apologize. Just like say thank-yous to people who support us, and just like you ask others to help us, we say sorry when we are sorry. It does not mean we lost, it does not mean we are defeated. Learn to say ‘sorry’s and ‘thank you’s. It’s NOT hard to say them.

the strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could

be confident! image from pinterest.com

Be Honest and Speak Your Mind, but BE OPEN-MINDED

Let’s not kid ourselves. We’re NOT always right. Be honest and speak our minds are great, and we’re doing it. Way to go, ladies! Many people can’t do it. However, be open-minded to accept others’ opinions too. Nobody can be always right. We do make mistakes too. We’re still learning everyday. Let’s open our minds and be sure to learn from others. Take advantage from what we learn and use it.


Accept that. It’s perfectly fine to be not perfect. Normal people have 10 toes, but you don’t. You have the perfect face features by the current beauty standards in the exception of the ugliest nose in the whole world. Okay, okay, a plastic surgery would fix that. My point is, we DO fail sometimes. We don’t have everything. We can succeed 9 times but still fail the rest. We are not perfect. Nobody can have everything. Successful people fail. That’s how they get succeeded in what they do. Failure is not the end of the world. Learn from your mistakes (or defects). Understand that the pursuit of perfection often limits your accomplishments. Many incredible achievements came from failures and have been far from perfect, but did more than great for us in our history. Our one weak point, defect, or failure we might think of can be the strongest weapon to win.


Prepare to succeed, not demanding it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with believing in yourself and knowing you can get whatever you want. In fact, having those qualities and confidence will make you a more successful person overall. But, just because you know you can achieve success doesn’t mean you should demand it. That makes you cocky and that will probably backfire really fast.


Being confident is the key to life. We PinKixx believe that. It’s hard to be confident sometimes, it’s hard to be you sometimes. We think about what other people think of us, and try too hard to satisfy them, and then lose ourselves in the process. Let’s believe in ourselves, and accept our flaws. Confidence doesn’t come overnight. It takes time to build the confidence in ourselves, but don’t be afraid to be you. As long as we believe in ourselves and keep going, we all shall have it. We will make people say “I want to be as confident as she is” ๐Ÿ˜‰



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