Easy DIY Tips for Jewelry Storage

How do you store or organize your jewelry? That IS the question today. For me, a lot of times, they are spread pretty much everywhere I pass through to get ready to go out every morning or come back every night. Some on the top of my chest drawers, some on the side table by the bed, some next to my cosmetic stuff, some on my desk, some in my jacket pocket, or even on kitchen counter sometimes. I don’t intend to be a sloppy woman, but it just happens.

Whether you buy jewelry often or not or whether you have tons or not, you know you have enough and you need to organize them somehow. I use them everyday, and I switch them everyday, so it’s easy to lose some of them too if I don’t organize or store them well. It sounds simple, but it is an endless battle organizing them for real, so I found some helpful jewelry tips in smart economic way to help us out, including easy breezy DIY ideas.


For all metal jewelry, I do recommend and I do stress this all the time. Store them in air-tight places individually, like zip-lock bags. Almost all jewelry from PinKixx ships in a zip-lock bag for that purpose, so the buyers can use it to store the piece easily. You still have to clean them, but it is so far the best way I found to store any jewelry to protect them from tarnish or scratches.

fashion jewelry storing ideas

fashion jewelry storing ideas: images from pinterest.com

If you have lots of necklaces that are not fine jewelry, hanging is the best way to store them and easy to find when you need them. You can use a cheap picture frame and small hooks or bars to make your own DIY project (picture above), or you can use a wooden hanger to attach small hooks instead.

For bracelets,bangles, and watches, try a mug tree or multiple stem candle holder. You also simply use the rolled up newspapers or magazines (picture above) or a sponge or a cushion to wrap your jewelry on.

For small earrings and rings, you can use an egg case, a pill organizer, or ice cube maker (picture above), and put them in your drawers. Also you can fill storage drawers with craft foam and stick your studs or small earrings on the foam to store (picture below).

For bigger size dangle earrings, a meshed lamp cover is a fun and easy idea (ok, a meshed trash can too). Picture frames you set up for necklaces can be used for this purpose too. If you’re confident in organizing skills, you can also use an old shutter door and hang the earrings on a tag before put them on the door.

If you have lots of bibs or big chunk statement necklaces, a wooden coat hanger on a wall can be a good one. Any right-sized box will do the job as well. Get some velvet fabrics from JoAnn or other fabric stores and cut them in the size of the box and layer them for each necklace you put in the box. Obviously, do not stack them up too many. No more than five should be fine.

more jewelry storage ideas

more jewelry storage ideas: images from pinterest.com


For silver, gold, or gemstone jewelry, such as PinKixx’s Nature Jewelry and Modern Jewelry, I care more about how to store them than how to organize them. Silver is pretty easy to clean these days with common cleaning supplies in the market, in the exception of fine silver. Gold also is not that bad except plated ones of which you have to be more careful cleaning. So as long as you clean them sometimes and store them right, you can wear them for a long long time.

Again, to store your fine jewelry, put them in a zip-lock bag individually. You can put a penny or anti-tarnish paper in the bag if you don’t clean them often. When you have time and decide to clean your fine jewelry, make sure to dry them completely before you store them in the zip-lock bag.

Whether it’s a IKEA wooden box, a plastic storage drawers, or a regular jewelry box that you use to store your jewelry, just properly bag each piece. I personally organize them by types and material, but you can organize your boxes by size, color, season, usage, or types – in any way easier for you to find the item of the day. You can color-code the boxes or just write titles.

For details for how to care your fine jewelry >>> https://www.etsy.com/transaction/1021440514

For other good ideas to store your jewelry, please check this link too:

Please tell us and share your ideas to store your jewelry in the comment!


2 thoughts on “Easy DIY Tips for Jewelry Storage

  1. Extremely useful storing ideas! I always have a problem with my jewellery. I keep everything together, which very bad idea. I would like to organize them a bit more and will use those ideas! Greetings

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