Thanks for Coming to Our Artwalk!

As you all know, last weekend was our ARTWALK in Ventura, California. And, it was very different this time. Why? Because it rained! In California, raining is the best news now, but I have to admit ‘not on the Artwalk weekend?!’ was what I was thinking. Michele from Stoneworks Studio even mentioned that during the 18 years of participating in the artwalk ventura, this was the first time raining during the show like this. It could’ve been fun to see photos of the moments of raining day at the show, but I was busy minding my booth and protecting my items out of rain and still taking care of the visitors. Wow, what a day.

artwalk ventura 2015 pinkixxjewelry

artwalk ventura 2015 – pinkixxjewelry

Strange to say, it was still a fun 2 day event nonetheless. A lot of visitors still came to visit on the rainy first day, and the second day when it was hot and sunny/muggy, everyone had a breathing room. We had delicious vegetables, brownies, fudges, sweet tea, coffee, watermelons, chips and salsa…all day long and live music as usual.

free homemade snacks, live music, and fun clowns with colorful balloons at artwalk ventura 2015

free homemade snacks, live music, and fun clowns with colorful balloons at artwalk ventura 2015

Of course, amazing artists and crafters brought their amazing works this year again. Each year, it blows me away to see their new brilliant creations. From paintings to sculptures, treasure boxes to decoration plates, waist pouches to colorful dresses, metal arts to gorge arts…just the endless possibilities they bring out to the show make me proud to be one of them and inspire me to be more creative and productive.

amazing arts and crafts @artwalkventura

amazing arts and crafts @artwalkventura

Alright, there it was. Now that it’s done, I can’t wait to go back next year and see our PinKixxes again. Hopefully not in rain next time. Thanks so much again for coming. It wouldn’t have been so much fun if you all weren’t there! See ya next time!



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