How to Wear Colorful Jewelry

It’s SUMMER! It’s the season of bright colors!

You say you’re not a colorful person? Still it’s not strange that you have some bright colors in your closet. So-called fashion has been changed, and many bright colors are seen everywhere in every design nowadays. I used to be afraid of colors as some of you may have been, and I’m not used to wear bright colors either. I’m more of a silver and gold person, but sometimes I find that it’s a good change of pace to mix some colors in my accessory, and it’s quite fun. If you’re not comfortable with your bright colors yet, just start with something small. It doesn’t have to be the huge statement necklaces you see often on the street now. Just a small accent can tell people around you out loud for who you are. If it’s a little different and unique, even better.

pinkixx's colorful cube necklaces for summer

pinkixx’s colorful cube necklaces for summer

“Colorful” can mean casual a lot of times, but not always. Cocktail dresses, semi-casual office outfits, or formal dresses celebrities wear to big events are very often colorful. If your dress is simple and modern, you can go louder with your accessories. If your outfit is figurey or patterned, or has mixed colors, then simple accessories show better and mix well.

Consider your skin color when you choose which colors to wear.  Tailoring the correct colors to your skin tone can intensify your eye color and bring luminosity to your complexion, and by enhancing your wardrobe with colorful jewelry, you create individuality with statement pieces and visual interest with vibrant accent jewelry.

PinKixx doesn’t go with ‘loud’ but ‘bold’ all the way. Bold colors can mean ‘confident,’ not afraid to show who you are. Wearing colorful jewelry is a uniquely personal form of self expression, and conveys everything from personality to mood and emotion. It would be an every day indulgence!

colorful gemstone necklaces from

colorful gemstone necklaces: image from

With colors, the possibilities are limitless. Playing with colors and shades can create different looks with the same outfit. Turn your lovely sienna cocktail dress into breathtaking elegance with a bronze bracelet and geometric necklace or jazz up denim jeans and a crisp white shirt with chunky red bangles and a vintage blue statement necklace. For a more classic style, white and red seem to be the staple colors to match with your black dress or pant-suit.

  • Yellow and Orange – Wear antique gold and something to cool down the yellow or orange such as a blue, turquoise, or grey
  • Red  – Red is already hot enough. Silver or gold is good. White-white or black will be great. Cream color, such as pearls, can also work well for classic persons.
  • Maroon – Try an animal print to make your outfit exotic. Yellow and orange work awesome too.
  • Purple – Similar to the styling for red, choose bright golds or hot pinks to pair with your purple wear.
  • Blue – Lighten it up with a coral necklace or bracelet to make the blue really pop. I personally like white or green along with blue to feel the summer ocean.
  • Green – A fun way to spin a green top or dress is with bright turquoise or teal jewelry. I love some yellow for the green outfit too.

There you have it. Try colorful jewelry and have fun this summer!


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