Benefits of Traveling Solo

“I’ll be lonely.”

“It’ll be boring.”

“It’s dangerous.”

These are the most common excuses people come up with when they talk about traveling solo.

I personally love traveling solo. I’m an advocate of female solo travels and strongly believe women should travel alone internationally at least once in their lives. It could change your life. If you’ve done it, you know what I mean. These are good reasons why you should try traveling solo.

1. Luxury You Can’t Experience Anywhere Else

Solo Travel can be the ultimate luxury and self indulgence. You are in a place you’ve never been to. Everything is new and different to you. And, you’re the only one to decide what to do about that each day. You can rest when you want, you can walk when you want, you can do exactly what you want to do. All the time. No one to sigh over your love of art museums in Paris. No one to whine when you take as much time you want to taste all the beers you can find in Munich. Always wanted to try sky diving in Hawaii? Why not? Not particularly want to see Niagara Falls? Just pass by.

You have your own schedule which can be changed any time you want when something unexpected comes up or when your mood just changes. Never will you feel guilty for missing that train from Florence to Rome. Never will you have to apologize to anyone for sleeping in late at your hotel. You don’t have anyone else’s feelings to take into consideration, and that is sometimes the most encouraging reason to travel alone too.

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2. You Can Create Your Own Achievement / Find the New You

You can go all the way in any way you want to. When you’re out, at where no one knows you, you can be different. You can be more courageous to challenge yourself.

Dining out alone. Spending some money without worrying. Talking to a stranger who is eating next to you. Putting pictures on your social media pages is nice too and can be fun doing if you don’t usually do it. If you are on your FB all the time, then maybe this time you let go of it and just enjoy the trip without any tech-y thing around you. With your own fun plan each day, you can create your own unique plan to challenge yourself. For example, when my friend traveled alone to Europe last time, He took one selfie everyday and made a scrap poster. In each selfie, He tried to make a funny face, not just smiling which is what he usually does. For me, I made myself walk 10km each day to challenge myself once since I hate exercising (haha).

Sense of accomplishment at the end of the trip is really the best. Finding yourself you didn’t know before is awesome.

3. You Can Connect More

When traveling alone, you’re more likely to connect with locals in a deeper fashion. You’re up front and personal with the people and the culture. While these interactions can make travel challenging sometimes, they’re also what make it interesting, life-impacting, and memorable. So instead of fearing it, jump in with everything you have.

I meet locals and talk to them all the time when I’m traveling. They don’t usually like talking to strangers, but if I’m alone, they’re more open to it. Of course, a lot of them didn’t speak English at all, which is even more fun communicating with them with few words.

Smiles and body languages can go a long way. A long time ago, when I was in Germany, there was this a bus driver who helped me with my bag. I don’t remember why (it could’ve been the last stop), but the bus stopped, and he was taking a break. I got him a ice bar as a thank you. He took off from his bus and waved at me for a long time when I was leaving the bus, while the passengers in the bus waited for him to get on back again and leave the stop. It’s one of a few things I remember from that trip.


Wow, just talking about traveling makes me exciting. I’d like to go somewhere again! How about you? Which city/country is the first one you went solo to? Please share with us in the comment. 🙂


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