Jewelry of the Month No.6: Message Jewelry

With Modern Jewelry we wear, we express who we are, what we believe, what we like, or what we want to be. Message Jewelry is great accessory to boost the wearer’s confidence or support her in spirit, that’s why it’s often selected as a gift for yourself or someone you love. We PinKixx thrive for confident women, and we’d like to help them in any way we can, so Message Jewelry is one of our favorite pieces for our members to wear.

It’s easy to find varieties of charms with words these days. Especially on metals, it’s great to engrave words that people love to remember or live by.

Your message can be just one word or a phrase or a short sentence. It can also be combined with other symbolic charms that will strengthen the message, such as angel wings for protection, four leaf clovers for good luck, or wish bones also for good luck. Adding a birth stone is also fun to create a different color onto it.

sterling silver message necklace with angel wing for protection and clover for good luck at pinkixx jewelry

< sterling silver message necklace with angel wing and clover >

Another wonderful thing about Message jewelry is that you can customize it and create your own one of a kind. Any special words your parents left for you, a phrase that saved you from a dark time, any significant number that means to you so much… You can create your own jewelry with your own message.

metal message bracelets

< metal message bracelets: image from >

The message you are conveying can also be secretive that you (and your lover or best friend or family) only know. If you’d like to confess your love to someone, Morse Code Jewelry can be the perfect one for you. If you have a memorable sentence from a movie or a book or someone you admire, you can put that into the Morse Code and wear it with you at all times.

morse-code-necklace from pinkixx jewelry

< morse-code-necklace >

What is your favorite message you like to wear on your jewelry? Please share with us in the comment.



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