3 Things Confident People Have In Common

We covered what is NOT confidence last time. So, let’s talk about what confidence is today.

What IS confidence?

One thing you have to remember when it comes to confidence is that Being Confident Is Different for Each Person. Oprah’s confidence might not be my confidence. Finding your own confidence is a road to explore throughout our lives. Although everyone’s confidence is different, there are some common grounds you will find.

Confidence is:

1. To know yourself. They know what they are good at. Also know that what they are NOT good at. I may be confident speaking in public, but this may scare some of you to death. Confident people know what they can or can’t. They know their limits. They know what they should do and what to give to other to do. The most important question here is ‘Who am I?’ Describe yourself in details and find yourself. There’s no right or wrong, but the truth. Just accept who you are and be proud of yourself. One thing you have to be careful is not to come as bragging yourself. That’s a total turn-off and a spell to repel people which is the opposite of what confidence does.

confident woman quote

confident woman quote: image from pinterest.com

2. To know when to say sorry or thank you. Confident people apologize when they’re sorry. They recognize when they make mistakes and know how to apologize. Just like saying thank-yous to people who support them, just like they ask others to help them, just like they offer to help others, etc. Confident people know they don’t live alone, and they cherish friends and families and communities around them. Saying sorry does not mean you lost or are defeated. It’s NOT hard to say sorry. Saying thank-you doesn’t mean you owe someone either. Realize you cannot do everything yourself. Remember to help and get helped too.

3. To be honest and speak your mind. So many people can’t do it. Confident people can express themselves in one way or another. One thing they do differently is to be open-minded to accept others’ opinions too. Nobody can be always right. Confident people do make mistakes too. Accepting who you are means you are comfortable to be yourself in your own skin. When you’re comfortable to be yourself, you can look at others in different ways too. You’ll open yourself more and talk to people more freely without being worried about how they judge you.


Being confident is the key to life. Don’t be afraid to be you. Be confident and stand tall. Whatever you can do, own it and SHARE it with others. Keep your mind open which can leaf you to overcome your limit. You CAN do more than you think. Believe in yourself and just be you!
*a useful article I found about confident women:

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