5 Things You Should Know About Handmade Jewelry

Buying handmade has always been encouraged at PinKixx Land. Whether it’s your niece’s toy or it’s your own jewelry for an event, giving a handmade gift to someone or for oneself adds meanings to one’s life, both creaters and wearers. You don’t really think about the value of buying handmade goods when you purchase something. You just buy it because you love it, right? These will give you more reasons to go for the handmade next time you shop, especially jewelry.

1. Intimacy
A jewelry maker has a very intimate relationship with each piece or each design they create. She’s giving her energy into it. She’s giving life into it, so to speak. Each piece they finish, it is finally born to the world. Each creation is their baby. They check a dozen times before they send it out to their customer. Imperfection, maybe, rough finish, perhaps, fashionably unbalanced, yes, but the feeling you get from handmade jewelry is warm and loving. It’s perfect.

2. Materials
In almost every case, the value of the materials involved in a handmade piece is priceless. Designers and makers shop around everywhere to find the perfect fit for their creation. You’ll be surprised how far designers go to find the perfect ingredients for their jewelry. Sometimes it takes years to find the right material and for customers to see the final product. The little things you don’t see are important to designers, and they go extra miles for them.

handmade jewelry making

handmade jewelry making: image from pinterest.com

3. Higher Quality
The smaller scale production is almost always higher quality than mass production. With the time the jewelry maker is spending to create your piece and the love they put into what they’re making with their own hands, the quality of each handmade item you’re buying has higher quality. Quality they guarantee is what you’re paying for.

4. Uniqueness
The piece you’re holding is one of a kind. Even the same designed piece by the same maker is different. The one you’re buying will not exist anywhere else in the world. Each piece is unique and different in a way because it’s made with hands. The songbird pendant you’re seeing will not be exactly same no matter how many you order. You can be proud of holding something that is only for you.

handmade jewelry making with wire

handmade jewelry making with wire: image from pinterest.com

5. Investment
Depending on what you’re buying, your handmade goods you acquire can be a good investment. Gold jewelry, for example, you got 20 years ago might cost you 100 times more to buy now. The handmade china you have might be worth much more as times pass. The value of having a handmade piece is much higher than you might think.

Also please believe that you’re investing in arts and the artists everytime you buy handmade. Because of your support, artists can keep creating freely what they are meant to. A lot of artists/designers including PinKixx also support others who are in need. They donate a portion of their sales to help out other artists, entrepreneurs, children who need food and shelter, and many others.


There you have it. Remember these next time you buy handmade jewelry, and be proud that you’re supporting arts and giving someone’s and your life meanings. If you shop local, that’s a definite plus!

You can always shop at PinKixx too and help us helping others. Thanks always for your support for handmades! 🙂



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