Jewelry of the Month No.7 Brass Jewelry

Brass accessory is perfect to wear for Fall and Winter fashion. Brass or copper jewelry is a good change of pace for cool and modern design lovers.

What is Brass?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. If you’re confused about the difference between bronze and brass, bronze is principally an alloy of copper and tin. Brass itself looks like light gold color, but combined that with antique tone makes unique proposition to fashionistas, designers, and stylists.



Brass as material is more economical compared to gold and silver, and more and more fashion jewellery come with varieties of brass. It is commonly associated with a ‘vintage’ look which makes it perfect for fall and winter, but also you can find brass taking on new forms and acquiring a reputation for being modern. PinKixx combines brass with geometric shapes to give absolutely cool and modern looks.

Why Brass Jewelry?

Nowadays, brass is no longer associated with door knobs, trumpets, or locks. Fashion jewellery that incorporates brass metal is fast acquiring status as celebrities and designers flock to wear brass. It is not strange to own at least a few brass jewelry in your collection. Brass jewelry is also treated as unisex jewelry, so you can wear your boyfriend’s necklace for your benefit too.

Brass jewellery can also be dainty and light, and not just chunky. There’s a common misconception that it’s a material that’s weighty, but contemporary jewellery designers are proving that it’s as flexible as silver or gold.

For people who worry about allergies, please make sure to get Nickel-free ones.

Best Way to Wear Brass Jewelry?

Layer them! PinKixx always choose simple over too much, but brass jewelry might be the one that we would go for ‘more.’ Simple designed or simple color paletted ones are great to layer together and still look elegant and not noisy.

layering brass jewelry is easy and fashionable

layering brass jewelry is easy and to be a great fashion statement

Not Sure How to Care of Brass Jewelry?

Brass is relatively resistant to tarnishing, and taking care of your brass jewellery is really pretty simple. That makes it a great material to use in fashion jewellery.

When it comes to cleaning, maintaining your brass jewelry is straightforward. Firstly, you can wash it with dish soap and warm water. That’s it. It’s that simple. To clean shiny brass with lemon juice, you can either use it neat, or mixed with vinegar or salt or baking soda. Alternatively, you can use either sour milk, natural unflavoured yoghurt, or whey to clean your brass. Natural products offer a genuinely effective way of keeping your brass jewellery clean and blemish-free.


Imagine your sophisticated brass jewelry that shows your personality. What comes to your mind? You already have your favorite brass jewelry you wear for fall and winter? Please share it with us in the comment!

Find your new fall fashion here!

Are you a fashionista who leads this season?

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