Why We Buy Jewelry

OK, it is not needed. We can still live without. So why are we buying jewelry?

For men and women, jewelry is something that has been with humans throughout the history. It’s amazing to see what jewelry represented and how each region had different styles of jewelry. From jewelry, we could tell where they were from or what their social status were. In modern days now, jewelry is for everyone to enjoy, not just for limited people, also the function of jewelry has been changed a lot.

ancient roman jewelry

ancient roman jewelry from pinterest.com

Self gifting is up

How many times you went out to buy a gift for someone else and ended up buying yourself more? We’ve all been there and done that. You know yourself better than anyone. It’s easy to find the one for yourself. Find the ones you need or love is almost as if to find yourself. How would it not be fun to find yourself, right? When you see what you like, you just gotta have it. Sometimes you wait and save money to get what you want. Awarding yourself is actually a good way to do more and better in your productivity. Treat yourself to something nice when you accomplished something. Remember people treat you in the way you treat yourself.

Wearing Jewelry is a great way to express yourself

Jewelry is very personal. Most of people wear what they like. Unless they like it, they wouldn’t wear or buy it. In some cases, they don’t even look good on them. Still they wear it because they like it and because they want to. Some people don’t go out of the house without loading up necklaces, while for others simple studs will do. Some women prefer an armful of bangles, and some load up on finger rings. No matter your preference, bits of baubles you wear are all about you. You are showing who you are.

layered metal necklaces for you

layered necklaces from pinterest.com: click the image for the original page

Desire to express yourself is natural, and it’s important to do so. That’s why people switch what they wear each day or for special events. They express different sides of themselves for each occasion. Big or small, real or fake, layered or singled, understated or overstated…you wear what you want to show about yourself to others. On a casual day you’d like to be playful, you wear colorful bracelets, on a presentation day when you mean business, you wear a long necklace with no focal point, or for a friday night date, you wear dangling earrings to look flirty or sexy. Tell people what you mean with your jewelry.

Jewelry boosts your confidence and mood

Yeah, it’s a little thing that changes your entire mood for the day. It’s just a part of what you wear, but that one piece you decide to wear may perfect your day. Whether fancy or costume, jewelry adds oomph to your wardrobe like no other. You can make your ordinary outfit outstanding with jewelry. It’s your spirit you are wearing. Your jewelry completes your look, makes a smile on your face in front of a mirror, and makes you confident to be in front of people. When you know what you put on yourself makes you look good, you are confident, and believe me, confidence shows. Wear that satisfies you for the day. Wear what makes you stand tall and spread your shoulders in front of people.

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