4 Tricks to Make Your Heels Comfortable

Tons and tons. One of the things I possess tons and tons of is shoes. Do I wear all of them often? No. You know and I know that we don’t. Some I wear almost everyday, some I wear possibly once a year.

The older I get, the more I look for comfortable shoes, but I’m short. There’s no way I’d stay away from high heels. My favorite solution? I go for wedges and platforms. Often open-toed. With some feminine touches or cool features.



The only problem with my favorite go-to shoes is that, of course, they don’t always go with every occasion. Once in a while, I do have to wear pumps or pointy high heels for business or formal parties. For a long day or a long night that I know I’m going to suffer in shoes, I use a few tricks to help me out:

1. I order one size bigger and use gel soles for cushion. Even Kate Middleton wears Alice Bow Insoles for flat shoes and heels for support. 

2. I always check the weight of the shoes and wear light ones. This helps a lot for my ankles and knees, especially when I wear heels for a long while.

3. I find the ones with straps for a little extra support, like ballet slipper, Mary Jane, gladiator, or T-strap.

4. I break in the new pair of shoes with the shoe stretcher. I used to walk around in heels along with thick socks a day before I had to wear them. I recently found out that heat also helps.

lots of shoes for women

well-organized shoes at home

These are some other useful info to make your heels more comfortable to wear:

The Stir
Buzz Feed

What’s your trick to have your heels comfortable? Please share with us in the comment. 🙂



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