Jewelry of the Month No. 8 Nature Jewelry

We are going to talk about our favorite jewelry today!

Did you know PinKixx Jewelry started with leaf jewelry in the beginning? Nature jewelry is something PinKixx can’t ignore when it comes to our favorites.

Gold-aspen leaf earrings from pinkixx jewelry

gold-aspen leaf earrings from pinkixx

Nature jewelry can be made in nature theme. Birds, flowers, leaves, feathers…so many nature-inspired beautiful jewelry are everywhere now. Having a bird necklace close to your heart, wearing a leaf earrings fluttering on your ears, or putting a big statement leaf necklace to go with your cocktail dress is cool and refreshing.

fun animal rings

fun animal rings from

Nature jewelry can be also sorted aside by its material. Resin, gemstone, petal, leaf…the endless source from the nature is used to create unique one of a kind pieces. Rough diamonds are also popular for engagements lately. Gemstone closer to its original state shows not just a unique look but also the confident state of the wearer.

gemstone jewelry

gemstone jewelry from

The most popular nature jewelry from PinKixx has been always trees and leaves. Tree of Life necklaces have many different meanings from many different countries, cultures, religions, philosophy, or mythology. With its branches reaching into the sky, and roots deep in the earth, it dwells in three worlds – a link between heaven, the earth, and the underworld, uniting above and below. It symbolizes is immortality, healing of the soul, nourishment, resurrection, life itself, and much more. With its beauty and the spiritual meaning behind it, it’s no wonder why Tree of Life makes a great gift.

tree necklaces from pinkixx jewelry

tree necklaces from pinkixx

How about you? What is your favorite nature jewelry? Please share with us! 🙂

Try Your Tree of Life Today!

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