2015 Top 3 Best Sellers from PinKixx!

Only a few days until the year 2015 is over.

It’s been another great year at PinKixx, and we thank you all PinKixxes who visited us this year.

Here we share our report; PinKixx’s Top 3 Best Sellers this holiday season. DRUM ROLL PLEASE~~~

From our Geometric Collections, Be Square Necklace and Long Open Cube Necklace were the best sellers this year.

Long Open Cube Necklaces were available in antique silver and antique brass. Usually silver items are more popular, but this year for this particular necklace, brass dominated the sales online and craft shows. They are sold out now.



Because of the fun and unique shapes of the metal beads, Be Square Necklace was one of our best sellers this year. This necklace is also available for a longer and bigger version in 2016. We expect more love from our members for this item.


Click the Pic: be-square-cube-necklace

From Nature Collections, Leaf Jewelry made the list. Leaf Jewelry is our member’s all-time favorite, but it’s still amazing to see the continuous support for our leaf jewelry every year. Amongst leaf jewelry, Silver Aspen Leaf Necklace was the best seller overall 2015.


Click the Pic: Silver-Aspen-Leaf-Necklace

There you have it. How about you? What was your favorite from PinKixx? Please share with us in the comment.

Thank you so much for shopping with PinKixx this year!


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