Celebrating the New Beginning with You!

Happy New Year!

The year 2015 had passed, and the year 2016 has come. I still remember when we were celebrating the millennium, but it’s already 2016.

Was your 2015 productive? What was new that you learned in 2015? What has to be changed and what has to be continued? What’s your new year resolution? So many questions and thoughts go through our minds around this time.

happy new year 2016!

happy new year 2016!

PinKixx in 2016 will be a nurturing year. Instead of a lot of new plans, we are excited to look back and around and think more about what we have and what we have done.

We’ll be developing our current collections into a deeper level and planning to do more for our existing members. We hope you will be joining us every step of the way.

Now at the beginning of a new year, celebration is in order! We found some great list of champagne recipes from Pinterest. Lots of them with delicious fruits. Also more champagne cocktail recipes that are easy to make and bound to please you and your guests can be found HERE.

Raise your glass to toast. Here’s to you, the year 2016! We wish all of us to make this year to prosper and sparkle!


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