Future Is Here – CES2016

Future Is Here” That’s what they said. That’s what it was.

So, this year, again, I took time to go see Consumer Electronic Show (CES). And, it was INCREDIBLE (again)!

It rained so hard on the way to Vegas, it was scary to drive.

on the way to CES in vegas in rain

on the way to CES in vegas in rain

Fortunately, the rainy days that were anticipated stayed minimum, and we saw the sun most of the days of the event.

Of course, what I would look for is inspirations for my future designs. From what I saw, the future contains lots of sleek, minimal, and geometric designs.



Although the big companies’ displays were spectacular, the most surprising aspect of the event was to see lots of new small businesses showing up with their new innovative products, and that was where the most people stayed at for real business. So much that on friday, I couldn’t even see where I was going in the crowd. I don’t know how many times I was lost (my goodness).

I was so excited on the first day, I got up too early. Like 4 hours early. I strolled around to see the Venetian hotel. It was weird and interesting to see the famous spots completely empty with no one around at all, which came back to life with full of people later.

ces2016-venetian hotel

ces2016-venetian hotel

The most impressive products for me are always something small, something everyone knows, and something that makes me ‘a-ha.’ More likely, “a-ha, why didn’t anyone think about this before?” A simple product that everyone at least thought about once. I personally think that is the money maker.

One thing I learned particularly from this CES was that PACKAGING is so important. I found myself attracted to the better (modern-looking) packaging once I see the potential on the product. When I saw great products that did not come with the good packaging, it was a turn-off. I would back off. It was interesting to me because when you learn marketing, you already know this, but when you actually see it in person and experience it, it’s ‘wow, it’s true.’

I’ve met so many different people from so many different places. I’ve talked to a lot of interesting people. It was 4 days of fun and learning experience for the future.

Were you there this year? What was your most interesting experience at CES 2016? Please share with us in the comment!



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