Geometric Fashion Guide for Winter You Should Try!

How are you all holding up this winter?

While the east coast is unexpectingly warm at times, I feel like it’s particularly cold this winter in LA. Although…it feels like a real winter finally! Ha!

I think this is the year I cared about winter fashion more than any other winter because I actually needed winter clothes. So I dug out popular trends this winter.

These are fashion trends you can try and will love. Here we go!

1. Layers, Layers, and Layers!

This was particularly essential for me to survive this winter because I didn’t have many winter clothes. Layering more of what I have provided much needed warmth for me.


2. Geometric Sweater Cardigan

I always loved sweaters. My mom complained at one point that I was buying too many sweaters when I was in college. Guess what? It was in trend! This winter sweaters and sweater cardigans are very popular. These are some I love.


3. Geometric Scarfs

There are so many ways to wear scarfs. It could be a head piece, a coat, a belt, and of course, a scarf to wear in a dozen different ways.


4. Big Metal Accessory

Love this trend ’cause I love tough girl accessories. Especially when it’s metal, that’s my game!



5. Geometric Bags

I can’t get enough of geometric, and geometric bags were one of the trends last year! I still have the crescent leather bag I got right after college, which I have been using almost everyday.


Which is your favorite fashion trend this winter? Please share with us in the comment! 🙂

Try these fashion tips this winter, and stay warm, PinKixxes!

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