One Thing Every Successful Person Does

There are tons of things successful people do.

They work hard everyday. They learn everyday. They take risks. They focus on their goal. They share their time efficiently, so they maximize their productivity.

For all that, there’s one thing they never miss to do. It is PLANNING.

Without a plan, everything you do lose its focus and could be wasteful.

You have your yearly goal. You assign the monthly plans, put them into weekly plan, and then into daily plans. When you dissect down your big goal into daily goals, your big picture doesn’t seem impossible.

So, what do you do to plan?

For me, every year I use a planner/journal to plan my goal. I personally have to have something in my hand, before my eyes, to remind myself what I’m going for and what to do everyday.


Here are some I found for this year:
(Self Journal was started from kickstarter, and from the description of it, it looks pretty damn good. though i have to say, their customer service was less than great, it seemed like handled by someone whose primary language is not english)
(“the freedom journal” is backed by a lot of entrepreneurs who thrive for success. their kickstarter is still on. unfortunately, the link keeps popping up as a huge image, so i couldn’t post it here. you’ll have to go to kickstarter page and search for the freedom journal. also you can try a 30-day pdf version of it for free)

With your solid plans, you can be focused. You just have to follow your plan everyday to get your goal in the end. Exciting, right?

So, what’s your goal this year? What’s your plan? What planner do you use for your success? Please share it with us in the comment.


More useful notes to kick off your new year :


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