Valentines Day Gift Guide: Jewelry and Love

How did Jewelry linked with love? Have you ever wondered about that?

When it comes to Valentines’ day or Special day for ladies, the usual gift people come to is jewelry. Jewelry has been a leading fashion item that showed love in nonverbal way.

Throughout the history, Jewelry has been in our daily lives. Romantic jewelry has been greatly influenced by English Queen Victoria. Her pensionable love toward her husband, art and jewelry managed to sway traditions and change fashion styles several times during her long reign from 1837 to 1901.

silver heart necklaces for lovers

silver heart necklaces for lovers

Late years of romanticism are today remembered as the time when some of the greatest jewelry creations of all time were made. Romantic motif developed from that period varies in hearts, anchors, snakes, crosses, animals, stars, crescent moons, and more.

jewelry in romantic motif for valentine day gift

jewelry in romantic motif from

Jewelry is timeless love. Express your love this valentine’s day. Wear the piece that shows that you’re loved.

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Which is your favorite love themed jewelry? Let us know in the comment. Happy Valentine’s Day!

“I’ll wear a maze on a necklace, dangling over my chest, because if you want to get at my heart, you have to be ready to lose yourself.” – Jarod Kintz


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