Must-Haves in Your Closet for Confident Women #2

I’ve been thinking about making this a series for over a year. The first overture of the series went out last year, and this year, we’ll provide fashion tips monthly with details.

This first one for the Must-Haves in your closet as confident women series is sort of for formal occasions/office attires. A lot of our PinKixx members are career women and entrepreneurs. These fashion tips will do a wonder for you.


No need to say anything else. Proper suits are the most important attire you need as career women. Suits that can be mix-and-match are the perfect ones you can keep for a long time.

Pant Suits for women over 30s


One of the most multi-use attires you can have is cocktail dresses. Good for casual or formal, and easy to coordinate too.

dress for confident women

cocktail dress for confident women


Jackets, jackets, and jackets. I cannot stress more. Jackets would be the most important outfit you need as a confident woman. Jackets that go with skirts, slacks, jeans, formal, casual, semi-casual, and more are the very essential for your business and personal life.

jacket for women over 30

jacket for women, source:


The older we get, the more and more we get these occasions that require formal dresses. Dresses can be coordinated with different accessories to give different looks each time.

Jennifer Lawrence Oscar 2014

formal dress for confident women, source: yahoo movies


So how many suits, cocktail dresses, jackets, and formal dresses do you have in your closet now? We’ll talk about other essential attires for confident women every month, so stay tuned! Remember, Mix-and-Match is your best friend!



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