Must-Have Spring Jewelry Trend 2016

From the New York Fashion Show to Popular Magazine picks, Jewelry for Spring 2016 is WILD!

Here are awesome trends you will love this spring!

1. Go Long

Anywhere you look, long earrings and long necklaces will be there this season.

long earrings for 2016

long earrings for 2016: source link below

long necklace 2016

long necklace 2016: source link below

another long earrings 2016

another long earrings 2016: source link below

2. Go Unique

Boy, oh, boy. This spring you’ll see lots of unique and wild jewelry. Go wild and express yourself!

unique bracelet 2016

unique bracelet 2016: source link below

unique earrings 2016

unique earrings 2016: source link below

3. Go Silk

So glad to see this trend this year. We could’ve guessed it coming though with all that crazy scarf trends that had been going on for the recent years.

silk necklace 2016

silk neck piece 2016: source link below

silk accessory for spring 2016

silk accessory for spring 2016: source link below

There you have it!

As you can see, this spring we are going to wear pieces that are noticeable and wild, and if it’s geometric, the better.

Now go out there and show yourself, and more than ever, wear them with CONFIDENCE!

More Spring Jewelry 2016 can be found here:


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