How to Choose Your Jewelry Practically

Right, Jewelry and Practicality. How would that go together?

Ever since the dawn of human race, jewelry managed to be a constant presence and driving force of many fashion and cultural changes we experienced through millennia.

Throughout the history, jewelry has been integrated with people’s daily life. Not as a luxury item, but as natural necessity to express themselves.

It also showcased wealth, rank, political, religious affiliation or affections toward someone. That’s how jewelry was enabled to become timeless. It also linked with art and religion, and showed unique culture of different regions.

colorful jewelry

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As a part of everyday life, jewelry should show who you are and express what you want. It does need to be functional and to do its job. There’s a reason why you’re wearing jewelry. Remember that.

Now, let’s see how we can choose our new jewelry smart.

1. Consider what you have

There are two ways when you think about this. The reason you’re considering buying new jewelry now is: either you’re replacing the one you already have or you’re getting what you don’t have yet.

If you consider what you have when you make a new purchase on jewelry, you can get something you’ll actually use and stop yourself from wasting your effort.

long geometric earrings for confident women

long geometric earrings for confident women from

2. Ask yourself what you need it for

Do you need a new necklace for the upcoming gala? Do you need something different from what you have because you need something for your new job?

Trying something new is always exciting, but don’t let excitement cloud your ‘reason.’ You have to plan ahead and think about what you’re going to wear your new jewelry with and when you need them for.

Don’t buy a jewelry because it is pretty. Don’t wear the jewelry because other people are wearing it. Again, you have a reason why you wear jewelry every time, and it has to show ‘you.’ Otherwise, you’ll end up storing the jewelry somewhere in the jewelry box and never look at them again.

3. What is your favorite color

matching jewelry for office chic

matching jewelry for office chic from

Are you a silver person or gold person? Are you a colorful person or earthy tone person? Which one would go with your favorite colors or favorite clothes/purses/shoes you put on often?

Plan for your jewelry when you purchase them, so you wouldn’t add more un-need clutters in your jewelry box.

And, remember, whatever you put on, wear them with confidence!

CELEBRATE Your Confidence Everyday!

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