Must-Haves in Your Closet for Confident Women #3

Too much? Too little?

Yes, we’re talking about your closet. Is it overflowing with clothes you don’t wear? Do you need to buy new clothes for change of season or career?

What fills up your closet? Today, we’re going to talk about what fills most of my closet.

It is basics, it’s ageless, it’s timeless, and it’s absolute essentials. That’s right. I’m talking about C-A-S-U-A-L!

1. Shirts

Long length t-shirt, short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, plain t-shirt, plain button-down shirt, long button-down shirt, long and shirt sleeve button-down shirt…now, the patterned or figury printed ones…and then onto the sleeveless ones… Yep, there are plenty.

As much as I believe nothing wrong with having many shirts in my closet, let’s be honest. We don’t really need that many.

When it comes to fashion, Mix and Match is your friend as I mentioned in the previous article. You can create many different looks with one shirt by using different accessories, bottomwears, or outerwears.

When it’s long, which is very popular now, it’s perfect to wear with tight pants or leggings.

casual long shirt with leggings

casual long shirt with leggings

Layering shirts is also a great fashion idea.

layering shirts

layering shirts

2. Jeans

Jeans, jeans, jeans. Can’t live without them, and can’t live without them. I’m a huuuge fan of jeans.

Tight or not (and let’s not forget there are lots of nots), Ripped or not, White or black or colored… It used to be hard to find the right fit, but it became much easier to find the one I like, thanks to skinny jeans and spandex.

casual jeans

casual jeans

3. Knit Tops

Since the college days, I loved knit wears religiously. It lasts forever as long as you store it properly, and they don’t go out of fashion (yeah, as you can guess i’m not talking about the ugly holiday sweater, haha).

casual knit top

casual knit top

Layering with other shirts also look fashionable.

4. One Piece Dresses

Easy and efficient.

You just throw one on and coordinate with a long necklace, you are ready to take off.

casual one piece dress

casual one piece dress

another casual one piece dress

another casual one piece dress

5. Cardigan or Blazers

Yep, another essentials for your casual outfits.

But, the reason blazers are essential for your closet is that it doesn’t just accompany casual looks but business looks as well.

As many of our PinKixxes are, for a career woman, a blazer is a must-have to carry at all times just in case any occasion you might face or anyone you might meet on a short notice. A blazer changes your casual look instantly to semi-business one, even with your blue jeans.

casual blazer

casual blazer

Cardigans make you look more relaxed and elegant. Also it’s a plus that it’s easy to carry around.

casual cardigan

casual cardigan

6. Long Skirts

Long skirts don’t have to be formal. I actually have to say wearing a long skirt is even more comfortable than wearing jean pants if it’s possible. And at the same time, it creates a mature look I love.

casual long skirt

casual long skirt

All images are from

A quick useful tip for your shopping this weekend. If you find any cloth that fit you well, you might want to get them in different colors and multiple ones if possible. You might not find them again.

Please remember your style and colors when you shop too.

There you have it! What’s your favorite casual look? Please share them in the comment.


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