One Small Thing To Change Your Life

It goes crazy.

It runs fast.

It feels endless.

Yep, sometimes that’s how our EVERYDAY goes.

You’re a teacher, a leader, an artist, an entrepreneur, a manager, a coach, or someone who is strong, confident, and proud.

That does not mean you don’t get depressed, tired, or stressed in the midst of busy everyday schedules.

Everyday life runs fast and busy, and even when everything is going well as you planned, you do sometimes feel disconnected, anxious, or depressed. Strange, isn’t it?

When you were younger, you moved with a group of friends, went out doing ‘stuff’ together all the time, and tried to be one of them and did anything you wanted to do.

You made lots of mistakes, broke up relationships, and shed tears and sweats, and now you are where you do feel settled and know where you are headed.

You have friends to talk to. You have enough activities going on everyday. You are smart and experienced enough. So, why are you feeling isolated or empty at times?

busy always but feeling isolated? you're not alone.

busy always but feeling isolated? you’re not alone. image from

I can say one thing for sure. You’re not alone.

So many of us go through the same thing everyday everywhere. These negative things come and go, and we have to overcome it and need to rejuvenate ourselves when it comes.

I used to think that I needed to rest when it happened. ‘I’ve been too busy,’ I thought.

I made some free time and did one person activities such as eating, exercising, sleeping, watching TV, or reading – just relaxing. Although it did help me physically but did not get me out of the weird emptiness I felt.

So, I tried different things when I hit the same wall again, and found out that it wasn’t the relaxing time that I needed. I needed my mind shifted.

Here are some things that helped me to change my mind to the positive directions.


It was not exactly that I needed to rest my body. I needed energy.

As you already know, it’s proven by so many that moving your body gains energy for your mind and body. So, instead of resting my body, I try to do the opposite, which actually put my mind to rest.

Going out for whitewater rafting or hiking rejuvenized my body and refreshened up my mind by taking it off my work or busy schedule. It’s even better if you do it with friends, groups, or your family.

Sweating in exercise is good too, but I try to find more outdoor ‘activity’ than ‘exercise,’ so it is more fun. I’m not ‘working’-out if you know what I mean.

change your mind and get into new patterns

change your mind and get into new patterns


Don’t get sucked into the negative thoughts. You know when that happens. You know the pattern.

You blame on yourself first.

‘why am I like this?’
‘what’s wrong with me?’
‘what am I doing?’
‘is this my life?’

Then, it transfers to what’s NOT working out. You dig out problems, and then ‘maybe i should’ ‘maybe i could’ve’ or ‘what if?’ starts.

You either dwell in the past with ‘could’ve, should’ve, or would’ve’s or worry about the future that didn’t happen yet.

You ruminate over mistakes, problems, guilt, or anything in your life that did not go the way you believed it should have gone, or you fear of what may or may not happen for yourself or your family.

Catch it before you go too deep. Take a deep breath and try to see it from a 3rd person’s point of view. Be a watcher of the situation/moment.

Don’t blame on yourself or look at what’s going wrong. Look at what’s happened/happening right. Think about what makes you smile even when you’re depressed.

For years, I have had this picture right in front of my desk. I have no other choice but see it everyday, and it makes me smile and imitate what I see.

the most important activity for your life

the most important activity for your life: let’s laugh! (from

That’s right. Laugh it off and step back. Breath deep and turn around from your negative thoughts.


Ah, this is so big, and you probably already have them.

Have the positive people around you at all times.

Keep them close to you. Check in with them often. Support them and get supported by them. These are the people you CAN ask for help when you need it.


Regret can go so far. A lot of times, no point doing it anyway.

Let-go was the biggest lesson I learned in life. It is still the hardest thing to do for me. Accept what is, accept what happened or not happened.

Look at what you have, not what you could have. This includes yourself too. Accept who you are and go from there. Believe me, you are more than enough.

Cease the opportunities you currently have on your plate. Make the best of what you have or who you are.

accept who you are

accept who you are (image from

One small thing can make big things. One little thing you change can change your bad habits. One thing can lead you to a new start.

Going to a yoga class once a week can help you. Change your diet can help. Calling your mom once a week can change. Putting down your electronic device one hour before you go to bed could make a big difference. See what happens when you stand on your desk once a day.

Change your mind on things and situations. Change your life. Your new way of thinking and looking at things will change your now and your future. 

What’s your small thing that you do or will do to change your life? Please share with us in the comment!

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