Must-Haves in Your Closet for Confident Women #4

So what else do we need in our closet as a confident woman?

I was originally going to do all accessories for this week, but accessory category is my very favorite subject, so I decided to go in details and to make this solo topic – SHOES!

1. Wedges

This is my most favorite kind of shoes. Wedge is simply so comfortable and so versatile for casual clothes I wear almost every day (and so needed in my city, LA). Not to mention, it gives you a height!



2. Heels for Fun

From sparkling evening wear to colorful weekend ones, every single one of heels gives a different mood and a different look. It’s like we need 100 pairs for 100 outfits?!

Stock some of heels you’d wear for fun. Simple and colorful ones are great for summer.

Animal print heels, Laced-up heels, and Metalic heels are also very  popular, and a lot of people consider them as “must-haves” too.

laced up heels

colorful heels for confident women

3. Heels for Business

No need to explain. Nude and Black pumps are necessary for any working girl.

Especially Patent Leather pumps go perfect for any important meetings you might have.

nude heels

patent leather heels

4. Sports Shoes / Sneakers

Running shoes, walking shoes, work-out shoes, sneakers…whatever you call them, they are so fashionable and so colorful these days, I feel like I should get rainbow collections.

Especially if you usually wear neutral colors for your business, this is a great opportunity to go as colorful as you want!

running shoes


5. Flat Sandals / Slip Ons

After a long night out in those daring high heels, you need these.

Giving everyday dresses and jeans a chic Parisian flair, ballet flats / flat sandals / slip-ons are essential to your wardrobe.

To liven up the mood and to make easier to coordinate, pick up simple but bright color ones. Great with shorts too!

flat slip-ons


flat sandals

6. Knee-High (or taller) Boots

Tall boots, essential for fall or winter, are timeless.

They add big impression to a t-shirt and jeans look and are perfect with a long coat or a casual knee-length dress with a scarf.

tall boots

7. Ankle Boots

Ankel boots are a total necessity for both jeans and dresses. It can add a little boyish charm and give your look some rough and tumble flexibility too.

ankle boots

Which type of shoes are your favorite? Please share with us in the comment.


Finish your perfect outfit with cool jewelry today!

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For more information about shoes for confident women:

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