How to Be Confident No.2

As you know already by now, this is my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E subject to talk about.

I want all women out there to be confident about themselves.

It’s not an option. We have to be confident everyday.

It’s our PinKixx’s mission to accomplish everyday.

Just talking to you about it makes me all charged up, so let’s go.

1. Track Your Success

Keep a log of your accomplishments, large and small.

Recording victories on a daily basis will make you feel more successful, and looking over your progress will boost your self esteem.

In addition, reviewing your achievements should give you some good ideas for what to work on next.

2. Accept that Failure Is Not the End of the World

confident women oprah quote

confident women quote from

It’s the truth. As scary as it sounds, failure is not the end.

Learn from your mistakes.

Understand that the pursuit of perfection often limits your accomplishments. You don’t have to be perfect. You better not be perfect, actually.

Many great achievements have been far from perfect. Whatever that you’re perfecting right now, it’s good enough, just do it.

3. Practice Being Assertive

Take an active role in pursuing success, no matter how anxious or small you feel.

I do this often. I visualize possible situations where I may face, and picture myself being assertive. I make these scenarios as vivid as I can, so when I get to the situation in real life, I am ready for it.

Check your body language in a mirror, and practice good posture and a self-assured expression. Then go out and take a few chances, starting with low-risk situations.

4. Prepare to Succeed

I’m not talking about to be demanding or presumptuous. Actually don’t be. That makes you cocky and that will probably backfire soon enough.

I’m talking about believing in yourself and knowing you can get whatever you want.

In fact, having those qualities will make you a more successful person.


Start your day with confidence!

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Like we talked about in our first “how to be confident,” don’t forget to improve yourself everyday. Improving your skills and yourself should be your everyday and forever homework, and they will build confidence in you for sure.

Do you have your own tricks to be confident? Please share it with other like-minds in the comment.


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