3 Bestsellers on Our Anniversary Celebration!

Whooping 50% off was what it was!

If you are PinKixx’s member, you should know from our monthly newsletter that our secret anniversary sale was on last Friday for members only.


Thank you for celebrating our anniversary together! 

Including the custom orders we received, Simple Silver collections were the winners this year!

silver turtle necklace

silver turtle necklace from pinkixx

This Silver Turtle Necklace was a surprise for us. We think it might be the symbol – longevity, patience, and wisdom – that holds.


Silver-Aspen-Leaf-Necklace from pinkixx

All time popular and bestseller from PinKixx. Silver Aspen Leaf Necklace never dies out. We’re going to miss it when leaf collections go away…

Silver Word Necklace - believe

Silver Word Necklace

Words don’t compete for your loved ones! Words you want them to know, words you want them to remember, words you want them to live by everyday… We suspect that Silver Word Necklace will be popular with our members for a long time. Thanks for all customized words you shared us for your special someone this season too.

For more Silver Collections, please see HERE.


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