5 Easy Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Summer time!

We are out, and we are going around. It’s a traveling season!

As much as we all want to travel more, there are tons of reasons why women don’t travel alone, especially to several particular countries.

While it IS true that you have to be extra careful when you go alone, most of the common dangers you will face CAN be prevented easily.

Here are some easy breezy safety tips for you to use on your next solo trip.

female solo traveling

image from pinterest.com


Tailor your research to the type of place you are going and your own travel style. Check out the blogs other solo female travelers or posts for them. They are full of practical and good advice.


Make sure someone at home has all your information. Scan everything and give a copy to a friend and keep one with you. Do schedule for regular check ins with them too.

Chatting to local staff is not just a great way to ask about the local area. Ask them about any dangers currently happening that you should watch out for. Those information can’t be found in your travel book.

Also make yourself known to your hotel staff who may notice if you don’t return as expected. Tell them where you’re going and when you think you’ll be back.


Always get a card from the place you’re staying. If they don’t have cards, write the name, address and phone number and keep it with you. You can use this info in case you lose your way back. I also keep them as souvenirs personally.

underwater statues

underwater statues in mexico


It may be tough to look like a local, but try to mingle if possible. Don’t spread your map at a corner of a big street and stare at it to figure out how to get there. Learning a few phrases in the local language beforehand helps too.


Like don’t flash a stack of cash on the street. Store them safely (like in your secret pouch under your shirt) and have a pocket for some changes for a quick access.

Keep your valuables close to you or on you. Take extra time to be safe. Don’t get drunk alone. Have a travel insurance. Get a international calling card. You know the basic drill.


What is your tips you learned on traveling? Please share it with us in the comment, and stay safe and confident!

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