5 Must-Haves in Your Summer Beach Bag for Tech Savvy Women

We are at Summer-Peak!

Hitting the beach any time soon? Whether it’s in your town or overseas, you gotta have all the essentials to enjoy your time fully at the beach.

These are must-haves in your summer beach bag this year. Even more, for smart, savvy, fashionable, and pro beach-goers!

1. Turkish Towels

You’ll find rave reviews about Turkish towels, sometimes known as Peshtemal towels, all over the internet. These cotton towels feel like silk and take up less room than a normal beach towels, in addition to being highly absorbent and quick-drying. And they come in many colors and patterns to best fit your personality (and match your bathing suit too, of course.)


pic from amazon.com

2. Water-proof Case

Nothing is worse than getting sand in those tiny crevices of your phone or stuck to your favorite lip balm. A water-resistant case/pouch will keep all of your essentials safe from the elements.

3. Podo

Love selfies, but hate selfie sticks? Podo is a “stick-and-shoot” camera that will bring your selfies to the next level. Simply stick it to any nearby surface, adjust the position, and take the photo from an app on your phone. Keep the back clean and you’ll be able to reuse Podo over and over again, and you’ll never have to bring a selfie-stick again.


pic from podo

4. Beach-ready Sound System

Don’t be the noisy one at the beach, but a waterproof/sandproof/shockproof portable speaker is just the thing to make your best beach day. “Altec Lansing Life Jacket Bluetooth Speaker” also floats in water and has up to 10 hours of battery life, and it’s Bluetooth, so you’ll be able play music from your phone while you take the speaker for a dip.

5. Functional Beach Bag

Probably the most important thing to remember on your trip to the beach is the bag itself. While beach bags come in all different styles and uses, I’m obsessed with this extremely functional beach bag from Dezzio. It holds your towel, protects your electronics, keeps your drinks cold, and even charges your phone, satisfying every need you could possibly want in a beach bag.


pic from dezzio

What is your must-haves in your beach bag this year? Please share with us in the comment! 🙂

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