About PinKixx Jewelry

This is the official blog of PinKixx Jewelry.

PinKixx Jewelry is a branch of  DistinQue.Co, a company launched in 2007 by Genie Lim, that offers extensive range of modern geometric handmade jewelry that encourage women to be different and unique.

Taking over the statement and mission of DistinQue Co., which are “Distinctive + uniQue” to empower women with more confidence that will lead them to any type of success they want to achieve in their everyday lives, PinKixx Jewelry is defining unique fashion in modern and geometric senses to lead the current trend.

Simplicity, Modern, and Geometric are our motto, and each product we make, we make it with lots of love!

Please visit our main website at www.pinkixx.com to see our products.

For Single Women, Career Women, Petite Women, Professional Women, PANKs (professional aunts no kids), Modern Fashionistas, Trend Setters, or Fashion Savvy Women, we are here to help!

pinkixx jewelry designer genie stylish urban jewelry shop

Genie in Orange

A Brief about Genie Lim

You can call Genie Lim, a designer, a musician, or a writer. She’s a definite artist who creates arts in any form; jewelry, clothes, music, literature, fashion and even in life itself. Her inspiration for design comes from her everyday life, arts, and the nature.  She lives in Tinsel Town, Los Angeles, and is never in doubt to passionately pursue her goal to help PANKs to be confident and enjoy life and work in full. You can meet her in her articles in “Genie’s Page” in this blog.


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